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Let Me Make You A Deal You CAN’T LOSE..

 You want to bring in more sales for your business, but are overwhelmed with questions about where to start.

Do you have the ONE THING you need to…

“INCREASE Your Customers and CONVERT More Sales”

If you want to know the ONE, must-have tool you need to grow your business…the kind that can transform your business from a pit of endless frustration into a launch-pad to freedom and prosperity

I’d like to show you how your business can benefit from having an attractive website that attracts visitors, and converts them into customers. – ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE.

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt over the right steps to grow a business…

If you’ve ever felt helpless watching your bank account shrink before your very eyes…

If you’ve ever sat up late at night and asked yourself “what the hell can I do to grow my business?”

Then I urge you to keep reading.

Because I’m going to show you what’s behind your struggles… your failures… and all your doubts.

Then I’m going to show you how you can immediately…

  • Get clear on the essential things you need to grow the business you really want…
  • Break through virtually any sticking points holding you back, and launch your business to massive success…
  • Re-ignite the burning passion you once had for your business…
  • Eliminate the constant distraction of “information overload” and become an information processing machine…
  • And watch your bottom line grow bigger and bigger without struggling or more added work…

My name is Andrew.

I’m the Founder and CEO of The Ultimate Webmaster Malaysia. It’s my business to make other people’s business successful..

It’s my business to make other people’s businesses successful.

And I will add more than $5000 worth of marketing ideas to boost your business on top of building your website.

My current new client list reads consist of local businesses in Malaysia just like yours.

A Kindergarten – Tadika Sinaran Montessori in Miri, Sarawak, (project has ended, but stats still available on XXXX page), Enlightened Scalper – A personal online trading website based in Kuala Lumpur… and… Servomarin Sdn Bhd – a Canadian/Malaysian Oil and Gas Company… just to name a few…

In fact, my very first few website clients in 2013 increased their business leads by over 50% in just 16 months.

We are a young and aggressive company, willing to fight had to have your business and retain you for the long term.

But I have to admit… there have been failures too. But here’s the thing…

I used to believe, like many other Internet Marketers out there that to successfully market your business online, all you need to do is to first build a great quality and attractive website, list your products and then drive traffic to your website and the money would start to roll in. Boy was I wrong.

In fact, it was only after many failures and a late-night epiphany that I discovered the secret to my current success. Let me back up for just a second and tell you what I’m talking about.

Your website requires as much entrepreneurial efforts online as they do offline…

Many of my competitors locally, and internationally have been spouting the same thing over and over again… and that is to succeed online, all you need is a great website, and drive enough traffic to it and let the law of averages work its magic over time..

Quite frankly, the millions and millions of website that hardly generate any visitors or make any money every year that ends up in the graveyard of the world wide web tells another story.. In many of these cases, they had a great website.. They even had superior products and services to offer at a great price.. but after a year or two without any significant results, the webpreneur eventually got disheartened and decided that marketing his business online is futile and he is just not equip for it… and that he may be better off just focusing his efforts in his offline endeavors..

I’ve seen this over and over again everywhere… and if you have had a website of your own, you know exactly what I am talking about..

So what is the common cause of failure for all of these websites? I have traced a lot of the failures of those websites to one missing element..

The Secret X Factor that all of these websites is missing..

The actual business underneath the website itself!

That’s right. In your offline business, you have had to fend of encroaching competitors while at the same time attracting your customers and prospects to patronize your business with a variety of ways and techniques.

Now, why would anyone guess that it would be any different online? Think about it. Wouldn’t your most successful competitors already have their online presence and possibly dominance as well because they have discovered how to use their website to their advantage and started earlier than you? And wouldn’t they also be ready to do whatever they can to crush new competition encroaching on their online leads to their business? Of course they would.

So if any Tom, Dick or Harry could just come online, build a website, list some product and connect it to a payment system and then drive traffic to the website and they would be instant millionaire… we could probably end world poverty.

I’m saying this not in a condescending or disrespectful way, but that is literally what most of my competitors are saying. A simple search on Google will verify this to be true.

The realization of this made me really nervous because it goes against the grains of what I have been taught by my Internet Marketing Gurus… If what these gurus were saying is only half truth at best, then I have been doing a disservice to my early clients by following their ineffective advice and techniques..

So I drop everything.. and went into full learning mode over again.. this time, learning only from the best in the world.. people who have had enormous commercial success. Real Guru of Gurus.. People like Jay Abraham..

This is the secret to turn your website a money making machine..

Your website requires as much entrepreneurial effort.. sometimes even more to truly turn it into an asset that is generating cash and intangible resources that can be leveraged on to grow your business.

This goes beyond just creating a website, making great product or service offers, doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) to drive traffic to your website and keeping your fingers crossed that the visitors will buy something from you. I would like to call this the “Hopium” (Hope + Opium) strategy.. deadly.. and ineffective..

I had to break free from this old Internet Marketing paradigm. This has lead me to developed a new way to approach online business that is highly effective, generates the most leads with the least amount of effort and resources, convert more sales and retains more visitors as future prospects.. and create enormous financial success from the website.

And I do this by creating a business plan and structure for your website itself and integrating it with your offline business which creates a synergistic combined leverage to grow your business.

Website + Business Plan = Success!

You see, making a website successful more than just building a great website with all the essential factors included. The website needs to be supported by an actual business plan that works!

A business plan includes:

  • Financial Model…  You’ll know what kind of financial model you should employ that is ideal for your business. We will employ strategies that will help you to grow your business with as little capital outlay as possible, while bringing in greater result than before.
  • Cost of Acquiring your prospects… You’ll know how much does it cost for you to acquire each new customers from the various marketing efforts that you have implemented. Thereafter we will cut off the ineffective strategies and only focus your resources that has the best returns for your money.
  • Lifetime Value of your customers.. We will work with you to determine the Lifetime Value of each of your customers so that you can plan ahead on how much cost that you can spend to acquire each new customers. Once we have derived the Lifetime Value of your customers, I guarantee that you will never look at your business the same again.
  • Marketing Plan… We will work with you to discover what are your front end products, your back end, cross sells, up-sells and many more.
  • USP – Unique Selling Proposition… If your business already has an USP, we will work on emphasizing and incorporating it into all of your marketing materials. If your business is still new and does not have a USP, then we will work together to discover that are your hidden assets and unique advantage that you can offer your clients that your competitors does not which will set you apart in the market.
  • Delivery and Fulfillment Method… We will discover what are the best way to fulfill on your products and services. Should we use digital download? Postal Mail? Fulfilling the orders at the offline business site? We will find areas where the products and services overlap and stream line your delivery method.
  • Systematized Referral System… Instead of depending on inconsistent word of mouth advertising, we will institute for you systems of referral what will bring in even more customers and leads to your business like clockwork.
  • Follow Up System.. We will set up for you a follow up system on all of the leads gained through your website and also from your various marketing efforts. Research has consistently shown again and again that an effective follow up system can increase your sales by 30% and above.
  • Joint Venture System… How would you like to have other businesses, even your competitors promote your products and services, and you will be glad to pay them for the sales on performance basis again, and again at little or no cost to you. We will explore various joint venture and strategic alliances that you can use on both of your online website and offline business.
  • And many more…

Now, ask yourself again. When was the last time your web developer had talk about the cost of acquiring your customers, what is the lifetime value of these prospects, what financial model that the website should leverage on, how to create a systematic follow up system, a marketing plan that span the whole gamut from copy writing to sales letter…

Chances are, they were doing what I had been doing in the past.. they would talk about how great your website would look, how functional it really is, and that it is fully optimized and responsive for mobile users, and all of the bells and whistles that can add on to your website.

However, very rarely do they ever cross over into the subject of the business underlying the website itself! Which quite frankly, is the true driving force and critical factors that produces results.

Think of your website as the super car of your choice.. Your Ferrari if you will.. And the underlying business as the octane fuel that powers the engine under the hood of that Ferrari. You can have a great looking Ferarri, but without the fuel pumping and driving the powerful engine, it is merely an expensive and empty shell.. incapacitated and has little or no utility…

The 3 pillars of business growth..

The focus on the business underlying most websites is so severely lacking that it is almost embarrassing.. so we have set out on a mission to change that and to make sure that each and every client of ours have the best of both words.. A great stunning website, and a super car business plan that powers the website towards its goals.

The three keys to grow your business to achieve its full potential is to..

  1. Increase the number of customers that you are currently serving
  2. Increase the frequency of the transaction
  3. Increasing the size of the transaction

This applies to your whole business model, both offline and online. So when you work with us, we will re-structure, re-design, re-systematize and re-configure your business model to make it perform better than before, acquiring customers in an efficient and cost effective manner and we will use your website as the tool to achieve the 3 pillars of growth.

It Doesn’t have to be complicated..

Let me drive you through the steps and processes that we take from the moment you first engage us to build your business website for you all the way until we have achieve all the results that we have set as a target up front..

First, we mainly build our website by using WordPress platform. Why?

There are thousands of professionally designed themes suitable for your specific business needs. This means that it doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, a photography business, a pet shop, an Oil & Gas service company, anything.. But most important of all, website build using the WordPress platform looks great and stunning, are fully responsive which means that it is compatible with all mobile gadgets, has all the functionality that you could ask for, and all these for a comparatively lower cost ac compared with a manually coded html website.

We are then able to pass on those savings to you so that you can better employ those precious resources to better use such as lead generation or advertising to bring in more prospects for your business.

Here are some statistics that would shine a brighter light on the soundness of using a WordPress platform for your website.

  1. 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs Are Managed With WordPress
  2. 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress Worldwide
  3. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015
  4. WordPress is used by some of the worlds most notable companies: TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, Best Buy, Xerox, Bata, ESPN Product Blog, Fortune, Time Inc…

And the list goes on and on.. Some of the world largest corporations trust and relies on WordPress. So do we.

After you get your stunning website up…

After designing and working to put your business website up, we will then structure and put on the essential factors that will pull in traffic and at the same time, provide your visitors with great information that will help them get to know you, your products or services and your company.

I am talking about factors that is crucial for a website’s success such as:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Building Your email Optin Tool
  • Auto-Responders
  • Visually Attractive
  • And many more…

Make no mistake about it.. each and every of these elements are crucial to make your website effective in attracting leads and prospects and converting then into customers.. However and sadly, this is where many other business website stop in their online efforts.

And the corresponding results, or the lack of it brings home the point that I am making.

The business underlying your website..

You may or may not already have an offline business that is underlying your website. You could even just be looking to create an online business without an offline business already established.. It doesn’t matter.

The business concepts and systems that we are going to implement for your business applies to both your Online, and Offline efforts. Before we move ahead, I need to get a few things off my chest..

These business concepts and systems were not created or invented by me. They are the creation of a marketing genius.. A maverick who is a Guru of Gurus on the face of this planet.. a man that has been credited with creating upward of more than $8Billion dollars (that’s right, that is $8,000,000,000) worth of increased revenue and sales.. A man that has worked with more than 8000 companies in the world in more than 400 different industries..

That man is non other than Jay Abraham. The concepts that we are going to use will apply to both your online website and offline business and will produce extraordinary results and will break the old paradigm in your mind of what is really possible in your business. We are going to make your business much more profitable, rekindle the passion you had when you initially just started the business and make it fun and enjoyable again.

Here are some of the things that we will be covering on the business underlying your website:

  • Work Your Current and Past Customer Lists
  • Stop Spending So Much On Ineffective Advertising
  • Follow Up
  • Use Risk Reversal
  • Bump and Upsell
  • Sell, Then Sell Again
  • Utilize Host-Beneficiary Relationship
  • Use Your Competitor’s Resources – and Profits!
  • And Many More!

There are literally many more factors that we will be working on that will have the ability to maximize the potential of your business. Jay Abraham charges upward of $25,000 per hour for his consulting services with major corporations around the world and often takes a percentage cur of the increased profits anywhere from 25% to 100% (that’s right, 100 percent).

And now, we will be using the same techniques and strategies to build your business, both online and offline.

What are some of our existing clients are saying..

“We have doubled the student intake in our kindergarten from the leads and prospects from free search engine searches in 2015.” Ms Ling & Grace Sim Owners, Tadika Sinaran Montessori
“We were able to attract a total of 5755 unique visitors to our site in the 16 months that the website was online.” Captain Louis Former Business Owner,
“Built and design a fully functional and easy to edit for daily updating of market information and generated the right kind of leads and prospects.” Tech Trader Head Trader, Enlightened Scalper

I am interested to learn more on how I can grow my business through my website and the business plan underlying it.. What Should I Do?

Get In Touch With Me Now

Establish Your Vision,

and Launch Your Dream Business

By now, you are probably wondering how much will this business consulting package cost. I should also set the expectation right now and tell you that it won’t be cheap. Especially if you decide to buy it A La Carte instead of as part of our website package.

Here’s you will learn more about our business consulting services. Our business consulting services consist of two separate programs that is designed to achieved breakthrough in both your business and personally. The two programs are:

  1. Program 1: Your Personal Breakthrough!
  2. Program 2: Your Business Breakthrough!

Here are some information of these programs in more detail.

Program 1: Your Personal Breakthrough!

Worth: RM3000.00 One Time Payment

The first phase of our Business Consulting is to help you to achieve the mental and emotional break through that is blocking your success in business, in life and relationship. You will get all of these and by the end of phase 1, you will have your mind blown and you will literally be thinking, feeling differently and feel more empowered to achieve your financial destiny.

  • If you have wondered what should be my first step in business, you are asking the WRONG QUESTION! Discover the three things you must be crystal clear on before you even think about taking a “first” step in business…
  • We will help you to elicit and bring out values from deep within you that you may not be even aware of up to this point. You will discover that some of these values are actually STOPPING your from achieving the success that you want in your business and in life. We will then work together with you to re-align these values so that they are in line and works to support your business dreams and goals to move forward POWERFULLY!
  • Using some of the latest breakthrough in Next Generation Nero-Linguistic Programming, we will help you break through some of your deepest mental challenges, fears, anxiety and help you to clear most if not all these emotional baggage that is holding you back up to this point in life.
  • We will re-engineer and re-design the self image that you have of yourself as an entrepreneur. Have you ever doubted on your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur? We will install and instill the key characteristics of successful businessman and women in this world into you through induction process that will last.
I’m sure you would agree that being able to have the kind of breakthrough mentally and emotionally that is holding you back in business, in life and in your career is of incalculable value. We have put in a lot of effort and difficulties in order to bring these technologies to help you breakthrough your most pressing mental challenges and difficulties to you.

These Breakthrough Processes is worth RM3000.00 when bought separately.

Interested in Program 1? Get In Touch With Me Now.

And there’s more. Once we have got you centered on your goals, your purpose, cleared all the blockage in your system mentally, and emotionally as an entrepreneur, we will then work with you on your business using Jay Abraham’s strategies and tactics.

Program 2: Your Business Breakthrough!

Worth: One Time Payment RM3000.00 + Minimum 6 Month Consultation at RM500.00 per month. Total: RM6000.00 minimum

The second phase of our Business Consulting will be focused on each of the building block that will add immense value to your existing or new business which will be measurable and quantifiable. We will be using the World No 1 marketing’s genius – Jay Abraham’s strategies and tactics on your business to find out the areas of growth and leverage to grow your business exponentially. You will find…

  • Work Your Current and Past Customer Lists – How to leverage on your existing and past customer list. Have you had customers that has stopped purchasing from you? We will work on re-activating these past customers into buying customers again which will increase your revenue by at least 5-10%. We will work on turning your current customers into loyal and repeat customers that refers more businesses to you. This will further increase your revenue by another 5-10%.
  • Stop Spending So Much On Ineffective Advertising – We will look into all of your current advertising efforts whether it is newspaper advertising, flyers, direct mail or more. We will track the effectiveness of each of these individual campaign and will find out what works and what is draining money from you. We will look into how we can tweak your marketing campaign from the Header of your sales letter to your sales copy. We will re-focus all of your marketing budgets only on marketing campaign that works.
  • Follow Up – We will create a systematize follow up system for your staffs to use in order to maximize the potential value of all leads in your business. A frequent and systematized follow up program has been found to increase the conversion of your leads into clients by more than 30%.
  • Risk Reversal Strategy – In all business transactions, each party is always asking the other party to assume the risk of the transactions. This is the main cause of most hesitation to buy from your leads and prospects. We will discover how we can take away the risk for your customers to try out your products and service for the first time by instituting a Risk Reversal Strategy. If you are confident in your business offerings, but are finding that your prospects are reluctant to act or take action to purchase your offerings, this Risk Reversal Strategy will often be the key that opens your prospects wallet. This strategy alone could potentially increase your business revenue by over 50%.
  • Bump and Up-sell – Do you have multiple products and services in your company? However, only some of your more “successful” products are bringing in 80% of your revenue while the rest of your products and services are unused and are “sitting on the shelf” and going to waste? We will work together a Bump and Up-sell program for your staffs to increase the average size of the sale per customer. This is one of the pillars of growth for your business and you will be able to increase your revenue by 10-20% just by applying this strategy.
  • Sell, Then Sell Again – Many business always assumes that a sale has been made once a customer has just purchased, or decided and say that they will buy. However, this is not always the case. Customers often times experience a Post Purchase Dissonance or known as Buyer’s Remorse. This will cause a buyer to back out from the deal and is the main cause for refund for products and services. We will create a system for your staffs to “Sell, and then to Sell again” to your customers so that they will understand clearly the benefits of your products and services, the positive things that it will bring to their lives and to help the customer stay on the program. This will increase your customer retention and subsequently also turn your customers into loyal repeat customers. This will increase your revenue by another 10-20%.
  • Utilize Host-Beneficiary Relationship – Do you have underutilized resources in your company that is just sitting around and not bringing in any revenue for you such as old stocks, storage space, excess sales capabilities, unused marketing credits for newspapers or magazines, excess bonus gift that has not been given away, machinery and production capabilities or any other assets that you can think of? We will work together to put these underutilized assets to good use and convert them into a revenue stream by either having joint venture partners to sell them for you, use them as promotional material where other joint venture partners that currently serves your target market can use them as lead generators, contract manufacturing, and many other way to maximize these asset’s true value.
  • Use Your Competitor’s Resources – and Profits! – We will structure a deal where we will use your competitor’s resources and profits to your advantage. All businesses have unconverted leads in their business. These leads initially approached your business not because they are are not interested in your products or services. They approached your business because they are interested but did not end up buying from you for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your product is too expensive, or lack a certain feature that your competitors have. Rather than having them walk out of your business empty handed, we will create a program where you will have an agreement with your competitors whereby they will pay you a portion of the profits of all customers that you refer to them.
  • SWOT Analysis of your business and industry – We will look into analyzing your business’s Strengths and Weaknesses of your business and how we can capitalize and defend against it as well as the Opportunity and Threats relating directly to your field of business.
  • And literally many more. I have been a great student of Jay’s business philosophy, principles, strategies and tactics and we will continue to work on your business until we hit the money stream.

Yes I know what you are thinking. Phase 2: Your Business Breakthrough cost a bomb! Your minimum commitment is RM6000.00, and can be more if you decide to extend your monthly consulting services. However, if just one of these ideas and strategies makes 5x, 10x, 50x or 100x more sales for you and your business continues to grow, wouldn’t you think that it is worth it? Absolutely!

Interested in Program 2? Get In Touch With Me Now.

 Take Your Business To The Next Level

And that’s still not all that you will get with two programs. Both of these programs is designed to get you fired up and breakthrough whatever is holding back in your business.

  • You will learn how to build an effective systematic marketing campaign without having a large budget.
  • Most businesses are facing a lack in resources to fund their promotions. The best next step is to raise some money through loans from financial institution, investors or friends or family, right? WRONG! You will find out more on how you can leverage on your existing business and assets fully as tools to bring in leads in a way that will still be very profitable to you.
  • We will work on how you can offer extended Guarantees and Incentives that will boost your sales immediately. Most prospects just needs that little extra nudge to open their wallets to try your products or services and offering them an adequate and interesting incentive to try out your business opens the door to more future repeat business from each of that client.
  • You will discover how you can lock in sales in advance which will guarantee you future cash flow.
  • If you already have a successful business and concept, we will work on how you can license your successful concept to other similar businesses who are struggling to survive and are ardently looking for new ways to attract customers.
  • You will also discover how you only need to breakeven on the Front-End of the sales but make back multiple times on your back end offerings.
  • We will design a business funnel for your business right from the first sale after you have acquired the customer and progressively move them along the funnel where you will have more opportunity to sell them larger prices items each step of the way on the Back-End. That’s the SECRET where the real money is being made.
  • We will test and measure prices that works for each of the products that you are selling to find the sweet spot that customers are willing to pay.
  • We will reposition you as an expert in your industry so that customers will flock to you when they need the type of products or services that you business is offering instead of going to your competitors.

Applying Jay Abraham’s Power Principles To Electrify Your Business!

We will be applying secret and previously unknown business principles that has been closely guarded by the most successful businesses in the world into your business right from the get go.

  • You will discover that you or your sales staff are one of the greatest enemy to your success! We will help you discover the truth so that you do not keep your customers from buying!
  • We will work to design an offer that your prospects can’t refuse as a lead generator!
  • We will test your marketing efforts to maximize your sales result. Whether it is a change in your headline in your ads or re-organizing and re-writing your direct sales copy and letter, we will find out which works best maximize your marketing resources on these only and cut out all ineffective marketing expenses.
  • Does your business stand out against your competitors? Or is it just another wall-flower in the industry? One brings immense success while the other lands you in mediocrity and fighting for survival at best. We will work together to build and profit from a Unique Selling Proposition – USP for your business to stand out among the crowd.
  • We will design campaigns to get endorsement from your past or existing clients, and to use these endorsements as marketing tools to grow your business.
  • We will help you focus on making quality a top priority – from your products and services all the way to your sales staffs and customer contact points.
  • We will work to link your business to a strong partner that you can lean on to grow your business. Are you closing and converting on 100% of all of your prospects and leads? Chances are you are NOT and it isn’t your fault! Your products or services could simply be unsuitable, or complicated or the prices may not be right for your prospects. Instead of losing that lead and make nothing on it, create a systematic referral system to your strong partner who can close on the lead and pay you a commission on the sale.
  • We will create systems where you only pay for results instead of paying up-front and without having a guarantee of results. Are you currently advertising with newsletters, flyers, or magazines? We will work on negotiating better deals where you can pay lower rates for your advertising by paying the magazine a portion or all of the profits on the first sale for each prospects they generated and converted into sales by your business.

And We Will Continue To Apply Even More Breakthrough Strategies To Your Business!

You have heard over and over again that doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different result is insanity. If you are looking for ways to keep your head above water, but the strategies that you are currently employing are not having the kind of result that you are expecting, you know deep down in your heart that it is time to try some other proven winning strategies!

  • Are you having a large inventory that is sitting and gathering dust in the warehouse or store? These are actually money tied up in unmovable products that could have been used as marketing dollars to grow your business. We will look at ways to move your backlog of products to free up the cash so that you can put that money into marketing to bring in more business. We may even explore options whereby you can pay your suppliers slightly more – say 105% in exchange for having him keep the inventory accessible and you do not have to stock up which will free up cash for your business for marketing purposes.
  • We will work on borrowing WINING strategies from other businesses that can be applicable to your business. By modelling and improving from the best, we will save time for your business to grow immediately instead of spending precious time and resources in trial and error.
  • We will design a system where you will be forced to be proactive to outsell your current active and inactive customers. The statistics you have read about new small businesses will likely not exist by the end of next year is absolutely true. Are you going to be one of them? Do you know the main cause for their failure? In fact, the causes are many, but one of the main culprit is because these new business owners are passively waiting for business to find them instead of aggressively going out and finding it! They think that hanging out a sign or a shingle is enough. We will create a solution to insure and ensure your business will survive and thrive by creating a proactive action plan for you to follow on things that is vital for your business to thrive!
  • We will work on creating Non-Ads for your business which literally translate to positive reports on your business that appears on the local newspapers or aired on radio or tv which will gain you free publicity and raises your customer’s impression of you and strengthen ties with your business. Remember, people like to associate with winners.
  • We will design a strategy to turn your One-Time Customers into Lifetime Buyers by setting up a regular repetitive contact strategy. Does your product require a replacement every quarter? Semi annually? We will set up a systematic follow up system for your business to reach out to these customers and educate them before the need to replace the product so that by the time the product requires changing, they already know who they will call.

By now you are starting to see the POWER that applying just a combination of a few of the strategies listed above will start to bring in growth, sales and revenue for your business. The more strategies we are able to apply, the higher your chances of turning out extraordinary results for your business. Both our Personal and Business Breakthrough program are designed to increase your chances of succeeding and thriving in whatever stage the current economy is in.

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A Combination Of Some Of These Strategies Will Make The Difference For Your Business!