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Accommodation Booking Website Designer

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Accommodation Booking Website Designer

Booking websites are designed for different types of businesses, such as resorts, hotels, and tour agencies. Through such websites, a property owner can effectively sell various type of packages such as bread& breakfast, retreat package, excursion, and tour, among other packages.

While having a stunning website is a step in the right direction, you want a site that does more than sit and look good. Suitable accommodation websites should boost bookings, streamline the booking process, and build the brand.

Business features

Accommodation booking websites typically have crucial business features such as:

Online booking

This is arguably the most fundamental feature of an accommodation booking website. Through this business feature, customers can conveniently choose and book rooms using different devices, including a computer, laptop, and smartphone.

Online booking subsequently enables the easy making of payment through online payment getaways. This has eliminated the need for guests to avail themselves physically to book for accommodation. With increased smartphone use globally, there has been an increased focus on websites that are more mobile friendly.

Check room and rate availability

The business feature enables potential guests to know the available rooms and the different rates..

Online payment

This has revolutionized the way guests book for accommodation. Through the feature, guests can make an online payment using multiple gateways. For example, you can reliably pay for a room on an accommodation website using a credit card, or a platform such as Paypal.

Booking system

For accommodation websites, the importance of a booking system cannot be overstated. Our web design company creates stunning websites that are linked to a booking engine and payment getaway. When it comes to the booking engine, customers can choose between standalone booking engine or channel manager, which can be linked to Online Travel Agencies (OTA).

Guest booking and permanent user booking

A customer can book without having to sign up with an account on the website. One downside of this option is that they cannot check their history booking for previous bookings. On the other hand, customers can book a room with an existing account on a booking website. With this option, they can see their booking history. This is essential for comparison and enables the customer to make a more informed decision.

Agent features

Some accommodation booking websites have agent features. This provides business opportunities for agents. Using this feature, agents can book for rooms for customers. Some discounts may be available, especially for bulk bookings. Different agents setups may be available, for example tour operator and premium.

Property owner feature

Property owners can give a price for facilities and also for each room from front-end. This has eased the way of running businesses such as hotels and lodges.

Hotel widget booking

Through this feature, a widget script is placed on any website to gather more booking. It’s an excellent marketing campaign tool.

Besides the business features, accommodation booking websites may have some technical features such as CMS and a Mobile responsive interface. Also, some property owners integrate Google Maps into their websites. Consequently, customers can find the exact location of the property. It prevents the frustration of finding a property in unfamiliar areas.

As an accommodation property owner or manager, you want a modern, professional, and user-friendly website that meets the specific needs of the market.  Ultimately, you want to provide maximum convenience for your customers.

Looking for an accommodation booking website designer? Our latest web designs will increase customer loyalty and keep you ahead of the curve. Contact us today for a customized package.