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E-Commerce Sites: Making Money From Home

We'll get you online and connected!

Thanks to the computer revolution and the magic of the internet, starting up your own business is a very different proposition than it was even just two decades ago. No longer is there the cost of overhead, staff, expensive marketing… so long as you have a product or service to sell and the means to deliver it, you can now go into business for yourself with all of the opportunities offered by the old model and very little of the risk.

Marketing can now be done online and reach a large number of people without the exorbitant price of television or radio ads. In many cases, it can be done completely free if you find the right social media venue and can excite people about your product or service. If you already have an existing website, you can also see the value in revamping and redesigning your company website.

These factors offer limitless opportunities for the online entrepreneur, but that does not mean that there is no work to be done. Without inhabiting a physical space, that leaves the online store one area in which to connect with the customer that will buy their product or service: cyberspace. As any savvy internet consumer can vouch, nothing is more inherently untrustworthy and unreliable seeming than a sloppy, unprofessional looking e-commerce store or website design. It makes the buyer instantly anxious about the security of any purchase they might make through the said site and skeptical as to whether the product would ever even arrive.

Even with a service-oriented business, how likely would you be to call someone whose website design looks like it belongs to a sloppy teenager that is just discovering the internet? What sort of professionalism would that lead a buyer to expect? There is only on expenditure that needs to be made when starting an online business, and that is the website itself, but it is not one to be shirked. There will be few business cards handed out in an e-commerce environment; the website will be your calling card , and, in most cases, the first and often only chance you will get to make an impression.

Make it count. We can design a professional website for you that will meet your needs, be it service or product driven, and will work with you to achieve the tone and ambience you want for your business. Once the redesigned website is out there, it will be doing the selling for you, so isn’t it worth it to take the time and make this what you want it to be and know it should be for your business? Sloppy work versus professional work for an online business will be the difference between success and failure. Word-of-mouth is no longer the capital it once was in an online world where your clients may be scattered around the globe; your website will be everything at the start. We can help you make it count and find the success of which you are capable by helping you put your best cyberfoot forward.