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eCommerce Website Design Kuala Lumpur

eCommerce Website Design Kuala Lumpur

Does Your Ecommerce Website Need A Redesign?

So you’ve decided to revamp or redesign or website content. As much as it can be daunting, especially for new business owners, an eCommerce website revamping can profoundly impact your digital enterprise.

Before you launch your revamping project for your website, we recommend first making sure you actually need a revamp. As a website owner, you need to understand how your site impacts the revenue and sales of your eCommerce website.

Every couple of months, we recommend asking yourself a fundamental question, “Is the site helping me achieve my eCommerce business goals?” So what are some of the profound reasons you might need to revamp your eCommerce website?

Outdated website

Having a website that looks outdated can affect the conversion and overall performance of your online store. Thinking like a customer, when you land on an outdated website that looks old and neglected, you immediately form a bad impression of the business. Today, the majority of online shoppers will use your eCommerce website to judge your business and subsequently decide on whether or not to buy from your online store.

Decreasing sales

Are your sales or conversions declining? You might have high traffic but low sales, which can be frustrating for both new and experienced eCommerce business owners. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we work closely with the online store owner to identify possible mistakes they might be making in terms of website design, products, and marketing. Subsequently, we can make more informed decisions regarding whether or not to revamp your site.

Customer feedback

As an eCommerce website owner, the importance of continually checking customer complaints cannot be overstated. In case your website needs an urgent revamp, you are likely to receive a lot of complaints regarding issues such as user experience and responsiveness. Also, online shoppers tend to complain in case your website looks outdated.

Site speed

When it comes to eCommerce, the importance of site speed cannot be overstated. According to Unbounce, as much as 70% of consumers decide whether or not to buy from an online store based solely on site speed. Site speed can have a significant impact on sales and revenue.

Your online visitors expect your web pages to load quickly as they browse through your website. It’s worth mentioning that JavaScript frameworks are a major factor concerning a site’s speed.

High bounce rate

Having low sales in spite of high traffic? Your eCommerce website might have a high bounce rate due to several reasons. Improving the site navigation, structure, and loading time are quick fixes to help reduce a high bounce rate.

Before revamping your website, the web design professional should use google page insights to get more insight into the design quality of the website. Subsequently, the professional can make a more informed decision regarding how best to tackle the high bounce rate.

eCommerce Web Revamping Tips

The first rule when revamping your site is to think like the visitors and categorize them to understand their needs and requirements. Let’s explore some other actionable tips you can utilize when revamping or redesigning your eCommerce website.

eCommerce Make the website SEO-friendly

Having plenty of online exposure is key to the success of any eCommerce business. When revamping your website, you want to make sure it full advantage of search engines. A thorough revamp should ensure your site is fully optimized for SEO. For example, you should ensure your web pages are well planned with different categories and subcategories. Also, we highly recommend having your products lists with SEO optimized titles, tags, and Meta description.

Revamping your website on the latest framework

By building your eCommerce website on the latest framework, you can be confident that your online store remains updated as technology changes.

Enhanced checkout process

As much as it’s often overlooked, improving your checkout process is one of the essential strategies when revamping an eCommerce website. The checkout process should be as efficient and straightforward as possible to help enhance the user experience.

Simple navigation

We recommend having a simple and minimal navigation menu that provides online visitors with all the information they need and promote engagement. As much as visitors want a comprehensive menu, they don’t want to scroll a lot and read through pages in order to find the information they need.

Simple navigations is proven to enhance conversions for eCommerce websites. In this regard, one of the primary goals of your revamping project should be to have as simple navigation as possible.

Final thoughts

If you want your online business to survive in stiffly competitive markets such as Kuala Lumpur, then web redesign and revamping should be a norm for you whenever the need arises. Being one of the best regions for ease of doing business, KL offers massive opportunities in eCommerce. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you want to optimize your website to achieve a competitive edge.

If you are looking for web revamping and related eCommerce website design services in Kuala Lumpur, contact us today for a custom package.

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