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eCommerce Website Design Perak

eCommerce Website Design Perak

The growth of eCommerce has completely changed the way consumers purchase different goods. Malaysia has been one of the countries at the forefront of this revolution. According to Statista, Malaysia’s user penetration is projected to hit 53.1% by 2025. Perak, in particular, offers limitless opportunities for the online entrepreneur looking to venture into the eCommerce sector.

Online shopping has become easy and convenient across all demographics. In this regard, mobile devices such as phone, tablet or laptop have become the go-to shopping tool. All the online shopper needs are an internet connection and the right eCommerce website. To help you better understand the latest eCommerce web design trends and where you should focus your energy, we’ve compiled some essential pages for online stores. Let’s dive in.


This is notably the most frequent landing page in eCommerce.

As an online store owner, you want your site to entice customers to start a shopping journey.

Your homepage should promote your brand identity, brand message, and trust builders. Essentially, the homepage is the first impression of online visitors to your eCommerce websites; thus, the need to make it as visually appealing and responsive as possible with easy navigation.

Ideally, you want the first page that your customers visit to trigger immediate interest. To achieve a competitive edge, you should reveal your promotions and deals, and other customer service perks. You can also include a catalog page designed to help customers find their desired products.

A lot of customers also prefer a summarized product rating with some product reviews. After the consumer makes the first visit, the next visit should be personalized with recommendations. Ultimately, the homepage should set the tone for the entire website.

Product page

The product page is very important with regards to the conversion of your online store.

Ideally, you want a product page that helps the customer to make the informed decision making.

It should be comprehensive enough with valuable information, including the product description and user guide.

We highly recommend using illustrative elements such as product images, videos and demos to stand out and enhance product credibility. You can also include a size guide and size chart, depending on the specific nature of your products.

When it comes to eCommerce website design, you want a useful product page that optimizes conversions. Some online store owners also include a live chat to provide personal assistance to your online shoppers.

Shopping cart

As an intermediate step between consumer’s buying intention and actual purchase, the shopping cart should provide a summary of selected products. This should include information about quantity, parameters and price. Also, it’s worth mentioning that customers want to edit the order smoothly. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we will recommend best shopping cart-optimization tips to maximize your conversion.


The importance of checkout design cannot be overstated. Ideally, the page should give an opportunity to quickly checkout. Your online store must provide several payment options. Also, customers want an accurate estimation of the delivery time. After the customer pays for the products, the online store should send an email with confirmation details. The customer should easily track the order progress.

About page

As much as it’s often overlooked, the About Us section matters a lot. Today, the majority of online shoppers want more insight into a brand before making their purchasing decision. The About us page may include the company’s mission and vision. It’s worth mentioning that most consumers prefer brands they believe in and are proud to be associated with.

Final thoughts

With the growth of eCommerce and digital marketing, companies can reach out to a broader consumer base. The Ultimate Webmaster designs and builds topnotch eCommerce websites for a comprehensive range of businesses. Our digital solutions will help tap into as many target audience as possible, especially in highly competitive markets such as Perak. Feel free to talk to us for further insight into our products and services.

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