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Do you find yourself wandering off and not knowing what to do as you start your own career? Or has anyone told you that the best way to make it in this business is to make a winning website to showcase your business? Now, as an Engineer, trying to start up your own Engineering firm, you find yourself totally excited to get started, but then find yourself thinking, “How can I catch people’s attention in the world wide web?” Or “What does a winning website have to get the right client?” These and many more questions could really confuse you and make you unsure of how to get started. Well, it’s your first time, so no one can blame you. This is why an expert in the field of website design could come in handy, and not just any expert but a webmaster experienced in creating winning websites for Engineering firms. But what must a winning Engineering Firm website have? I have carefully summarized 5 common practices that the best Engineering Firm web designs have.

  1. Well-organized Homepage Design

The homepage sets your website in motion. It is the main page where it all will start. This is the place where you can showcase everything you can offer your future clients. Everything from information about you, portfolio, projects, to a services page must be carefully designed into one full page that does not conflict with one another. It is in your best interests to choose wisely what must be shown on your website at first glance, from the design structure to the content. So when people check your website, they will not get lost. Just as what one web designer quoted, “Web design is more Engineering than art.” It respects structure and organization.

  1. Functionality and Usability

            To enhance functionality of your website design, one must be able to navigate through your website easily. To make sure that your website’s usability and functionality score passes the three-second rule of website design, you must be able to catch and maintain their level of attention after the count of three, or else you will lose them. The navigation tab must be effortless and text on each and every page must be able to be clearly understood.

  1. Professional Photography

            No one, I repeat, NO ONE likes to see a website with poor quality, pixelated pictures and unprofessional, unedited photos when you are creating a website. Every page should show clear and high quality photos that showcase completed Engineering projects and award-winning designs that your future prospective clients can see as their basis to why they should hire you. Non-professional photos can a lot of the time equal to unprofessional services offered.

  1. Consistency in Design

            Consistency is the key to quality website designing. Otherwise, it will look unfinished, unprofessional and undone. Imagine seeing a website with lots of different designs and images all throughout different tabs as you navigate through it. It would seem like a child’s work. First impressions do matter when a prospective client is searching for a firm to use. It is best to see consistency in design all throughout each page to show that each page is carefully done to create one unified website.

  1. Clean and Clear Design

            Clean and clear means making use of more white-spaces in a website. White does not only equal elegance and sophistication, but it also gives your website space to breathe. This is not rocket science, it is plainly reason. Who would want to stay in a cluttered, messy room? Furthermore, utilizing more white space is pleasing to the eyes. Since it is relaxing to the eyes, then viewers will most likely want to stay longer and know more about the services you provide. Learn and Earn from the best These and many more qualities are something that the best Engineering website design company should have to get the most out of your investment. And we are expert webmasters that can definitely help to upgrade and improve your business market as an Engineering firm. Many satisfied Engineering firms can testify how much they have benefited from the best. We are confident that we will not only bring you satisfaction but we can also provide reach from prospective clients that you have dreamt to have for your business.

This article is contributed by Nashville Web Design CompanyMr Erick Racedo