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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Johor

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Johor

Having a social media strategy is fundamental or any business with a scalable business model. As a business owner or manager, you want your business to grow and grow fast. The most profound reason to have an active social media presence is the sheer size of consumers you can target. Most digital marketing experts will tell you that social media strategy is crucial, especially when operating in a highly competitive market such as Johor. Don’t miss out this opportunity!

Is social media ideal or every business?

Promoting your products or services to thousands, and even possibly millions of social media users is beneficial for any kind of business. That being said, it’s imperative to have a customized strategy that works for your business and industry.

How do you set up Facebook for business?
Setting up a Facebook page is basically free. You can use your Facebook page to post content, link to your website, and communicate with your audience at no cost. Today, social media channels especially Facebook and Instagram are incredibly valuable tools for any small or large business.

Step by step guard to create a Facebook business page
-Head to
To get started, you need to be logged into a Facebook personal account. However, it’s worth mentioning that personal information will not appear on the newly created business page.
-Select your Facebook page type
-Enter your business details
-Brand images
The next step is to upload your profile and cover photos. We recommend using optimum images sizes for Facebook so they look their best.
-Complete your Page info
Add a compelling description(255 characters maximum) describing your business. Also, fill in the contact information into make it easy for your target market to reach you. Fundamentally, you should include your website url. Some users also add extra information such as operating hours, price range and privacy policy.

Paid marketing strategies
After creating a Facebook business page, we recommend utilizing paid marketing strategies, especially Facebook and Instagram ads. Instagram is a powerhouse for the young demographic, especially teens. Facebook, on the hand, is recommended if you targeting older age groups.

Creating traffic for online store
If you have an eCommerce shop, Facebook is the best option to funnel users to your website. It’s worth mentioning that Instagram prohibits link sharing in posts and comments. Any links appear only in the Instagram bio. Ultimately, this makes it harder to generate traffic to your site.

Direct marketing
We highly recommend Instagram if you looking for direct marketing. This includes engaging with clients, creating awareness, showcasing new products/ services, and comparison shopping. Also, one of the growing trends is influencer marketing.

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