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Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Building a social media presence can be overwhelming for both small and large businesses. As much as many businesses are taking effort to capitalize on social media, the process is not always easy and some mistakes can be made. Let’s explore some of the common mistakes you should avoid:

Not having a social media strategy

This can be a costly effort in terms of both time and money. Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time running their business, and may thus see struggle to build a social media campaign from scratch. For some business owners, social media is just and option and they may not spend as much time or money to enhance their online reputation.

Having a solid social media strategy is an effective and cost friendly way to accelerate your business growth. As business owner or manager, you want to have clear road map that details what you need to do to achieve your social media goals.

Not measuring or tracking

You want to reliably decide where to focus your social efforts by constantly analyzing your social media ads and measuring the results. Also, you should track how all social media actions are affecting the interaction with your clients.

Tracking the Return On Investment helps ensure the social campaigns are valuable. Also, it’s an effective way to increase the value of social media marketing over time. It’s worth mentioning that social media marketing is not all about follows and likes.

The metrics to utilize primarily depend on particular social strategy. For example, you might want to achieve more reach, website traffic, increased leads, sign ups and conversions, and most importantly, revenue generated. As a business, you should aim to measure and adapt and adapt your social media efforts regularly.

Lack of enough video content

Over the years, video content has become increasingly popular in our digital environment. According to experts, videos will account for as much as 82% of all IP traffic by 2022. Also, internet video traffic from live internet videos is projected to significantly increased.

Videos are excellent for enhancing brand awareness and visibility. Also, such content is ideal for consumers with decreasing attention spans. Video content provides a lot of options, such as introducing new products or services and even tutorials and product reviews. To boost interaction and engagement, you can do regular live video to provide a glimpse into what’s in store for customers. Ideally, social media videos should be brief and compelling to increase engagement and minimize bounce rate.

Lack of Continuous evaluation

Evaluating the social media strategy is critical to ensure a steady presence. It’s imperative to schedule regular performance checks for all the social media channels. Failure to regularly check your social media presence can be costly for your business, especially when running paid ads.

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