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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Negeri Sembilan

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

Social media is a powerful tool to engage your target market, build advocacy and establish customer trust. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we are the go-to social media marketing experts in Malaysia if you want to optimize your social accounts and form the perfect social media strategy for your business.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social network today with more than 2.7 billion active users. Your target audience is definitely on Facebook, When it comes to Facebook marketing, we understand and apply the Facebook algorithm and metrics to tailor the best strategies to attract your audience and maximize conversions.

Facebook Ads usually appear in the side columns of the feed. They include a headline with copy, image, and a link to either a Facebook page, app or most importantly, an outside website. Using Facebook ads to increase your “likes” can be very beneficial for your business. Once social media user likes your page, they essentially become followers of your page.

Ultimately, your posts will appear on their Facebook news feed. With more “followers” and “like”, you can expect more interaction with you and your brand. Ultimately, this enhances conversions and boosts your overall profitability.

Facebook contests
If you have a Facebook business page, you are missing out if you are not using Facebook contests or promotions to increase fans and brand awareness. There are many third-party Facebook contests apps you can use for your campaign.

Sponsored stories
You can use sponsored stories to show a user interaction to the user’s friends. They help establish some social proof for your brand. Social media users are more inclined to follow a brand if they see that their friends like the page. When it comes to Facebook marketing, sponsored stories have preferred positioning making them a powerful traffic generating tool. According to Facebook, sponsored stories have way more CTRS and lower CPCs than normal Facebook ads.

Instagram ads
Instagram’s popularity, not just in Malaysia but globally, cannot be overlooked. It’s the most visual social network with millions of active users. In this regard, Instagram marketing will give your enterprise more brand exposure. Instagram is a powerful social network if you want to increase social engagement, especially among the younger demographic. For small businesses, one of the most profitable ways to do business today is selling via IG.

If you are a business owner overwhelmed with running your business, we recommend outsourcing an Instagram marketing expert to plan and drive your campaign. The expert should ensure profile optimization, and develop actionable strategies for both content and visual creation. Most importantly, the social media expert should manage Instagram paid ads that will achieve quick exposure for a wider audience. It’s worth mentioning that Instagram is a more visual social network, thus the need to have quality photography.

Final thoughts

Ideally, you should have a huge social media presence on all platforms. Both Facebook and Instagram can give a high ROI, especially if you hire an experienced social media professional. However, some kind of ads such as images and video ads generally perform better on Instagram and Facebook. However, you should tap into all social media, and the possibilities will be endless!

Contact us for premium Facebook and Instagram marketing services in Negeri Sembilan, or any part of the global village.

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