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Facebook & Instagram Marketing Penang

Social Media Marketing that Works for You

Today, Social Media Advertising is one of the best ways to promote your company for branding purposes on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. It can also include marketing your company on high-value websites. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to attract tremendous traffic from a target audience that is specific and relevant.

Social media ads
We highly recommend social media Ads (especially Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) to enhance brand awareness with consumers. If you have an existing Facebook or Instagram page, we start with a thorough auditing of your brand’s social media to determine the actual state of your online presence.

Social media ads are essential marketing tools, especially if you want to target a specific audience within a short time. Working with the right social media experts helps to completely transform your visibility and online presence, helping give you a competitive edge in the market.

When running ads, you want to continually interpret campaign data to ensure a positive return on investment. The campaign should be cost-friendly and customizable, depending on your specific goals and objectives.

At The Ultimate Webmaster, we believe that Facebook and Instagram marketing is not just about driving social engagement. To generate measurable business outcomes, we aim at increased overall product awareness, maximum on-site traffic and increased sales.

When it comes to running ads, one essential tip is to have a compelling call to action. You want your ad to promptly intrigue the online visitors and encourage him/her to purchase your products or services. If you can entice your audience with something of value( for example a promotion or giveaway), even better!

As much as social media is widely regarded as a free advertising platform, there are a few costs involved, especially when running ads. When it comes to social media marketing, planning and preparation is everything if you want optimal results. In this regard, it’s imperative to set your social media budget. As the brand owner or manager, you need to make informed decisions regarding the amount to spend on your social media strategy.

Bespoke social media management
Choose a social media agency that will aid with all your activities in social media account management or/and social media marketing. When it comes to Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns in Penang and other regions in Malaysia, we use the latest tools and strategies to promote your brand and help increase sales. Feel free to contact us for a deeper insight into our services.

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