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Fundamentals of Travel Sites

New destinations and emerging technologies have led to significant shifts in the tourism and travel industry. Considering the constantly changing nature of the industry, early adoption of new trends is crucial.

Bespoke design

When it comes to web design for the travel and tourism industry, great content is more than words on a page. It entails excellent design and seamless experience that entices your audience to explore your website and ultimately book a room in your property.


For businesses in the industry such as resorts, homestays, hostels, lodges, and guest houses, there is a need to separate your brand from the rest effectively. Having topnotch photos makes your audience to picture themselves in their destination before they can even get there. The optimal loading speed of the pictures is crucial. According to Neil Patel, 40% of internet users abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Additionally, pictures not only be relevant but should also complement the content.  A great photo should be paired with a punchy headline to create a strong emotional response.


It’s worth noting that the travel and tourism industry is an industry of trust. If the audience doesn’t trust your travel site, there will be no conversion. In this regards, suitable website should promote your brand, assuring customers that the business has their best interests in mind. When it comes down to it, the performance of a travel site mainly depends on trust.

Market segmentation

Market segmentation is very critical in the travel and tourism industry. Since the industry is huge and diverse, marketers use segmentation to understand customer needs better and subsequently allocate marketing resources. It’s imperative to group potential customers based on factors such as demographics, behavioral patterns, or cognition ratings.

 The designs of your hospitality website should be tailored to the specific customer needs of your intended audience. Digital marketing is an effective strategy to target specific market segments using different product offerings, services, and marketing messages.

Loading speed

Page load speed is a common usability problem that is especially troublesome on travel sites. It’s worth noting that the faster a web page loads, the more the online visitor feels they can trust your website. With more than 3 seconds of loading, your conversion rate is likely to go downhill.

Booking systems

As a hotel or guest house website owner, you want to have a booking system that effectively facilitates online bookings. We work closely with our clients to deliver custom websites that are linked with a booking engine and a payment getaway.

The sites can be integrated with either a standalone booking engine or channel manager, which can be linked to Online Travel Agencies(OTA). With the a standalone booking engine, we link the website to a payment getaway. The accommodation property owner is then able to collect the payment directly from the site.

Feel free to give us a call for that modern and highly converting guest house website. Our services are working for many companies, and they will work for yours too!