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Increasing Your Homestay Bookings

Homestay and vacation rentals have an increasingly popular trend in Malaysia and many other countries globally. More and more travelers and tourists are preferring homestay over other accommodation options. This is especially because homestay can adequately accommodate huge families or groups, and offer ample facilities to travellers.

Also, most tourists staying in homestays are seeking for a more homey and cozy accommodation. It’s an excellent option for those seeking for a “home away from home” accommodation. The homestay experience has become an essential aspect of experiential travel, especially in multi-cultural countries such as Malaysia.

As much as a homestay business can be very lucrative, it’s essential that property owners utilize the right strategies to fill up the vacancies. As a homestay business owner, the nature of your website immensely determines your business performance, both in the short run and long run. 

Let’s explore some essential tips to help you fill up your homestays and boost your sales.

Quality pictures

Having high quality and appealing pictures of your homestay is the biggest asset to an effective homestay website. As a homestay owner, you want to make an excellent impression on the travellers when they make their booking.

 It’s imperative that you hire a professional that can take some unique and quality photos that will help market your homestay. A suitable homestay website designer should come up with effective designs that will complement your homestay pictures.

Social media

With internet penetration hitting record figures, social media is an effective way to promote your business online. Most social media platforms have a messaging feature, thus enabling interaction with your potential audience. Also, social media is an excellent tool to drive traffic to your homestay website.

Offering loyalty program

Once the homestay website is up and running, homestay owners should consider offering loyalty programs such as promo code, coupon, and reward. It’s an excellent strategy to increase your customer base. As much as such a loyalty program might initially cut into your profits, they increase leads and referrals and ultimately enhance your conversion. Such marketing campaigns should be tailored to website performance and market trends.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

Online bookings are essential for every homestay business. Homestays owners and travellers alike have embraced online bookings manually using social media and messaging app. Also, online travel agencies (OTA) provide booking platforms that come in handy, especially during peak season. It’s imperative for homestay owners to list on OTAs, as this enables more exposure. Our web design company integrates our homestay and hotel websites with a channel manager – which can be linked to an OTA.

Looking for a homestay website designer in Malaysia? The Ultimate Webmaster is committed to building effective platforms where homestay owners and visitors can find their best match.