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Optimizing Landing Pages - Making optimum use of landing pages

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E very landing page has a different thing to accomplish for different people. They usually offer different services and products, and may not be of the same category. Some may be asking visitors to take a tour of their website to obtain more information about a product or service; others may be nudging users to go ahead with supporting one cause or another. And although the amount of variation in what they are meant to achieve is quite huge, and their target audience is varied as well, they do look the same in certain ways. They also have different approach and styling that best suit what they are designed for by the landing page website designer.

Just because the use of a landing page for one website differs from how it is applied to another site doesn’t mean they don’t have features that make them serve different purposes for different people in a similar way. The main fundamentals that a landing page website designer employs can be optimized to do better at what it is designed for.


Most high converting landing pages used by highly successful internet marketer the world over usually have one thing in common. They have a video right in the header of the landing page. The video can be animated or a real person speaking into the camera and the sound quality is exceptional. Video have been proven to increase conversion by up to 60% as compared to a landing page with just text and images.


People’s minds, as well as their train of thought, can and will significantly be affected by the first image they see on the website they visit. They will sometimes try to put meaning in the pictures in front of their screen before they start analyzing the meaning of any text they have to read on the website. The picture of a landing page should be capticating and must have relevance to the overall product, service or the entire summary of what the website is about. A landing page website designer should take advantage of the importance of the photo on the landing page and grab the attention of visitors towards a product or service offered by the site.

Main Heading and Subheading:

The headline is the first and boldest written text visitors will see. It is a very crucial part of the copy for the landing page that should not only grab the users’ attention but should also complement the image about the product or service offered by the website. It should be as short as possible so as not to fill up the entire landing page. The fewer and more meaningful the headline is, the better. It gives whoever reads it a special feeling that the reason they visited the website will be addressed.

Whatever the headline accomplishes which is usually to get the users and visitors to look and start reading will be complemented by a subhead line. The subhead line goes a little further to talk more about what the main headline introduced.

There are more important features a landing page website designer can put on the landing page. Some of these include a big call to action button for websites, examples and samples of the products and services offered, some kind of money back guarantee and bonuses to close the deal. Testimonial from satisfied clients also plays an important role to the effectiveness of a landing page.

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