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What Makes an Excellent Landing Page in 2021?            

Kuala Lumpur continues to attract local and foreign investors amid global economic volatility. For businesses in KL, innovative digital marketing tools and techniques, such as landing pages come in handy for businesses who looking to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The Ultimate Webmaster is the go-to website designer for Kuala Lumpur. So, what are the profound features of a highly converting landing page in 2021?

User experience

As you might well be aware, UX (User Experience) on your landing pages and other web pages can significantly impact your website’s search engine rankings, especially Google. As a website owner, you want to provide the best user experience for online visitor landing on your web pages from search results. UX must be a profound factor when designing and creating landing pages. All the elements and content should be tailored to the specific target audience.

Avoid autoplay videos

Landing pages with auto-play videos are likely to have lower conversions. Ideally, you don’t want to “force” the video upon your target audience. A better option would be to design the landing page with a popup, whereby the user can view a large video after opening the popup. This is an excellent way to provide more clarity and information regarding your products or services. It’s essential to ensure a seamless video experience to minimize the landing page’s bounce rate. 

Quality multimedia

If you want a highly converting landing page, you cannot compromise on the quality of images and videos. The golden rule is that you should choose the best quality landing page that can effectively persuade the online visitors to act on the call to action. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we will help you choose the right images and videos that will maximize your landing page’s conversion rate. A great image or video should promote the product effectively, and help establish a personal connection with the target audience.

Layout photography

Attractive photography has been found to significantly boost conversions on landing pages. More website owners are stepping away from generic stock images and using friendly-looking images of real people. It’s an excellent way to not only stand out but also build trust with your target market.

Ideally, you want to use relevant product and service images that will offer more insight into what your target customers are buying.

Recent research suggests that videos on landing pages have more impact compared to images. Videos enhance SEO, user engagement and ultimately convert better than other media. It’s prudent to replace long-winded copy with videos as this reduces the overall bounce rate of your web pages. 


Ultimately, SEO-friendly landing pages are proven to perform better and provide more Return On Investments (ROI). You want a well-designed landing page that is not only appealing but also loads fast and ranks high on search engine searches. With us, your landing page will be guaranteed to appeal to your target visitors and optimize engagement.

Take away

In case you don’t have an effective landing page, then your website is losing potential visitors who might be your customer-to-be.  It’s essential to hire an experienced and reliable landing page designer in Kuala Lumpur that understands the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

At The Ultimate Webmaster, we are committed to designing custom landing pages for every individual client in Kuala Lumpur and beyond.  We offer much expertise on conversion, that is, achieving optimal results for your business through innovative landing pages, and marketing websites.

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