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Landing Page Malacca

Actionable Landing Page Design Strategies to Increase Conversion

The Ultimate webmaster is a landing page designer for Malacca, an increasingly vibrant economic hub in Malaysia. Through our latest web design solutions, we are committed to helping clients maintain a competitive edge in Malacca and other digital markets.

As a business owner, you want to implement the latest landing page design strategy for 2021 if you want to remain competitive in the digital space. Over the years, smartphones, tablets and laptops have become increasingly advanced. Consequently, there is immense potential with regards to what can be done on web pages and in mobile apps. We highly recommend the latest trends for website owners who want to maximize their conversions.

Adding widgets to Landing pages

Brands utilize powerful mini-tools to trigger actions on their landing pages, for example, signing up for a newsletter, entering giveaways, subscribing to a page, surveys, or even making purchases. Embedding widgets is an excellent way to get the most out of your landing page.

Social widgets

Some digital marketers are utilizing widgets for social media platforms to landing pages. This enhances interactions and engagement. Also, the target customers can drum up support for your marketing campaign. When it comes to designing landing pages with widgets, you want the customers to easily share the web page with a simple click.

Social proof

Social proof helps achieve some positive influence, by convincing your target customers that “other consumers are doing it.” We highly recommend using some social proof as an effective way to promote your offer.  For example, you can use some authentic testimonials, reviews and even social media comments to enhance interest, credibility and engagement.

Call to Action (CTA)

This has been a major trend since landing pages become popular, and it will certainly grow in 2021. Your landing pages need a clear and specific Call to Action to be effective and maximize conversion. Some website owners are even including a CTA on other pages besides the landing page.

A golden tip is that the CTA offer must be unique to the specific content the online visitors are viewing. You want to avoid generic CTAs as they are less effective. Also, it should offer helpful information that promotes further communication with prospects.

Landing page countdown

This generates some scarcity or urgency concerning the offer at hand. For example, you can use a coming soon timer for the landing page in case your website is under construction or revamp. Consequently, your online visitors will be eager to see the complete project. Also, you can use a timer with a CTA button to draw attention to the best offer on your site.

Final thoughts

For most website owners, the primary goal of designing and developing landing pages is to drive website traffic and conversion. If that’s your goal, then we recommend combining the best industry practices with innovative methods that will ensure a competitive edge, especially in competitive markets such as Malacca.

For the best results, you must continuously test and revamp your landing page and other web pages. Consequently, you can reliably determine what works for your brand, and the right direction to follow. At The Ultimate Webmaster, our landing page design solutions are conversion-centred. Contact us for a deeper insight into our services.

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