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Costly Mistakes When Designing Landing Pages

Landing pages assist website owners to achieve various objectives. More often than not, landing pages are designed with a single purpose in mind, thus a Call to Action (CTA). Today, more website owners are using landing pages for digital marketing and lead generation. Also, it’s a powerful tool to gather contact information from online visitors and increase conversions.

When it comes to designing landing pages, we highly recommend that you keep it simple and concise. As soon as the target audience lands on the page, they should promptly understand whatever your business offers and how it be valuable to them. More often than not, landing pages require a different strategy than that of other pages on your website. Let’s explore some of the common mistakes you should avoid when designing landing pages:

Poor quality copy

Quality, compelling copy is essential if you want a highly converting landing page. Copy is the secret sauce to get your point across and convince leads and prospects to convert. It’s worth mentioning that the amount of copy can make or break your landing page. So, how much content should you include? Well, this can vary considerably from project to project.

 One of the common mistakes when it comes to landing pages is having too much content, which may lead to your target audience feeling overwhelmed. Consequently, you’re likely to experience a high bounce rate. On the other hand, too little content might not be enough to convince them to convert. Ultimately, you should aim to be as brief as possible in convincing your online visitors to click the CTA button.

Also, your landing page copy should convey what separates you from the competition. That being said, it’s prudent to avoid buzzwords such as “new and improved”, “Best in the world” as they might make you appear generic.

Poor formatting

Today, the majority of internet users merely scan web pages. In this regard, using formatting techniques for your copy can not only make your landing page unique but also reduce your bounce rate. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we use bullet points, bold copy, lists and numerals, among other formatting techniques to maximize your landing page’s conversion.  Even the most compelling and persuasive copy might not provide the right benefits if it’s not properly formatted.

Poor headline

First impression matter even when it comes to landing pages. As a website owner, you need a compelling headline since it’s the first thing the user notices when they land on the web page. Headlines and sub-headlines significantly affect your landing page’s bounce rate. More often than not, it’s where you win or loses your visitors.

Trust indicators

Primary trust indicators used include testimonials, reviews, certifications and company logos, among others. They are highly recommended for persuading visitors to buy products or services, especially for business owners operating in a competitive business environment such as Penang.

Non-optimized landing pages

Today, the majority of internet users primarily browse using their phones or tablets. In case your landing pages are not optimized for mobile, then you’re losing a lot of potential traffic and leads. By ensuring their landing pages are mobile-responsive, website owners have access to a whole new world of conversion.

Looking for a professional landing page designer in Penang? With our experience in the industry, The Ultimate Webmaster will help you avoid some of these mistakes that might be costly for your overall marketing strategy. Feel free to contact us today for a deeper insight into our services.

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