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Landing Page Sabah

The Ins and Outs of Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential a single web page that entices the user toward a single action.

The web pages are typically created and designed to generate leads. In this regard, the pages typically complement email and social media campaigns. We highly recommend landing pages for both small and large businesses looking to promote their website traffic and convert leads into buyers and loyal customers.

Landing pages are a widely adopted web marketing tools in Malaysia and beyond. It’s a cost-effective strategy to direct your target visitors’ attention to a specific offer, benefits or actions.

The need for landing pages

Different website owners have varying goals that may necessitate landing page web design. The most profound diversity of web pages is evident in the eCommerce industry. Having highly effective landing pages is especially essential for big e-commerce platforms with hundreds or even thousands of items.

When it comes to eCommerce, landing pages essentially present certain commercial offers without directing all the website traffic to the home page. The landing pages for such websites must enhance the overall user experience.

Today, there are many landing pages promoting a shopping delivery service. When designing such a page, we highly recommend giving the landing page a trendy look that will make your brand stand out. E-commerce websites are oriented at local clients, thus the need for the landing page to have a CTA that guides the user to make a priority action.

Why not just use the homepage?

More often than not, the overwhelming amount of content and links on a home page can turn away a potential customer, thus a high bounce rate. It’s worth mentioning that the average internet user has a very short attention span. In this regard, landing pages are an excellent solution to avoid high bounce rate and effectively focus the online visitor’s attention.

Landing page web design process

Before starting the design or development of a landing page, you have to first set some clear and concise goals that the web page should help achieve. As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of examples for different goals. Design concepts for landing pages are primarily based on well-checked approaches.

We highly recommend that the layout for your landing page features compelling, highly readable font. The information should be well organized in a clear list, besides marking all the clickable elements.

Final thoughts

Looking to invest in Sabah? Over the years, the positive economic growth in various sectors including tourism, agriculture, and oil & gas has fueled investments in Sabah. The region provides a lot of opportunities, especially for innovative entrepreneurs using technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Having a proper website is an indispensable part of marketing, especially in competitive markets such as Sabah. Once your landing page is up and running, now it’s time to go land some new leads and customers.

The Ultimate Webmaster is the go-to landing page designer for Sabah and beyond. Feel free to contact us today for a custom package.

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