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Landing Page Trends

Today, landing pages are the primary methods used by many website owners for converting prospects into leads. Digital marketing experts and landing page designers are constantly working to optimize their landing page performance to maximize conversion rates. Let’s explore some of the latest trends in the industry:


Ideally, your landing pages should be optimized for SEO and search engine ranking. All multimedia should be purposeful to achieve the desired user behavior, such as a call to action.

Today, mobile optimizations are not a choice if you want your website to rank high, and that applies to your landing page, too.

The majority of consumer queries and online purchases are made on smartphones. The number of smartphones user is projected to grow even higher over the next decade. In this regard, you should aim to design and develop a landing page that is responsive and optimized for mobile.

According to Adobe, only about 50% of all landing pages are mobile optimized. In this regard, optimizing your landing pages for mobile use will significantly give you a competitive edge, helping you attract and convert way more traffic.

Engaging media

Today, online users generally prefer more engaging media such as images, videos, and gifs, as opposed to just reading web page copy. When looking for engaging media for your landing pages, look for engaging media that is not only appealing but also relevant and helpful to the conversion process. The media should direct the online user to an essential element such as a CTA button.

As a website owner, you want to effectively tell a story about your brand. Also, images and videos are excellent in showcasing products and product features. It’s worth mentioning that while the average visit to a web page with a video lasts over 6 minutes, the average visit to a website with only texts lasts just 43 seconds.


Gifs are an excellent substitute for videos and images when designing your landing page. They are more interactive than images, hence used for explaining offers. For example, a software company can use gifs to explain how their service works and how a typical customer uses the service.

Social proof

Today, a lot of customers tend to scroll through product reviews before purchasing products and services online. In this regards, social proof is a powerful tool that landing page web designers can utilize for persuasion.

Based on research, the average consumer goes through at least 10 reviews before buying a good or service. Social proof utilizes certain social signals to show that other consumers have bought or participated in what your brand is offering.

Final thoughts

Besides the features mentioned above, the call-to-action buttons and lead generation forms are very critical in converting your website traffic. As much as it’s important to study trends, your landing page should be customized and designed after a though research phase. In this regards, trends should not dictate every aspect of web design. Ultimately, user gender, location, and demographic can significantly influence web design preferences for a landing page.

If you have a landing page design project in Sarawak, why not take advantage of our custom packages? Feel free to contact us and we’ll promptly be in touch. The Ultimate Webmaster is based in Kuala Lumpur and covers Malaysia and neighboring countries.

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