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Landing Page Selangor

Custom Landing Page Design Service in Selangor

Selangor continues to attract both local and foreign investments, despite global economic volatility. Over the recent years, investments in Selangor by both private and government investors have contributed to huge infrastructure development and business opportunities for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and even large corporations. The region has consistently been one of Malaysia’s economic powerhouse.

For businesses in Selangor and beyond, landing pages are some of the key elements they can utilize as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Whereas webpages may focus on multiple goals, encouraging online visitors to explore more, landing page typically have one primary goal with a single call to action. Landing pages are a highly effective option to help maximize your conversion rate.

Elements of an effective landing page

Whether you are a small or large business, having a quality landing page can significantly boost your website performance. So you’ve decided to have a landing page for your website, what are the major elements you should focus on?

Captivating images

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your online visitors are more likely to browse more if they notice an image that they can promptly relate to. When designing a landing page, we highly recommend choosing your pictures carefully. For example, you should stock photos. Also, the images should be strategically placed on the landing page.


More website owners are incorporating videos when designing their landing pages.  According to research, videos are an excellent way to enhance your landing page’s conversions by as much as 86%. As a website owner, you want to use the best quality videos that effectively help your target market make purchasing decisions.

Using enticing visuals or video can make your offer more intriguing, thus promoting interactions and engagement with your target audience. When it comes to landing pages, images and videos help to not only tell a story but also give directional cues that point a visitor towards your call-to-action.

Call to Action (CTA)

Ultimately, the primary goal of your landing page is to convert online visitors to leads or sales. In this regards, the call to action is one of the most essential elements of a landing page. When designing your CTAs, we highly recommend thinking about the visitor journey. You should avoid CTAs such as “CLICK HERE” or “SUBMIT.” You can use more than one CTAs as long as they serve the same conversion goal.

Simple, compelling copy

Your landing page copy should be simple, direct and compelling for your target audience. Also, the copy must be relevant to the call-to-action. We highly recommend bullet points or bolded words to emphasize some point. At the Ultimate Webmaster, we will create a benefit-oriented language that will encourage the online visitor to purchase the product or service. Ideally, the copy should be personalized to ensure it’s not generic.

If you looking for a landing page designer in Selangor, feel free to Contact Us now. Or call +6010-8813027. Our team will explain all the ins and outs of our services, and work closely with you throughout the project.

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