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Duties Of A Law Firm & Lawyer Website Designer

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F rom designing attractive templates and design concepts to working with coding and developing beautiful websites, a law firm & lawyer website designer has got quite a lot to do. As a matter of fact, these job duties do not just stop at creating web pages, as they also include the support or implementation of online campaigns, as well as interacting with clients on legal matters.

Keep reading this post to learn more about the responsibilities of a law firm & lawyer website designer.

Improve online marketing

When it comes to online marketing, many law firms especially most small ones and solo practitioners are often faced with a number of challenges including budget restrictions, content development, and positioning. These designers can help such firms build high-impact websites on budget while assisting to showcase their personal approach and unique expertise. With sophisticated marketing campaigns, designers can set new trends for law firms.

Restructure legal websites

Basically, lawyer website designers do specialize in developing the overall layout and look of websites for law firms. They are conversant with using media applications, such as Photoshop to create graphic and media essentials. As a matter of fact, these designers often consider color and topography when reflecting on the aesthetic of the website they are building. In order to effectively structure sites for legal firms, they try as much as possible to ensure that the websites are both interactive and user-friendly.

Work alongside with clients

With regular visits to clients as needed, a law firm & lawyer website designer should have a basic understanding of the legal market. This is essentially important because he or she must know that the main purpose of designing a lawyer website is to ensure that it promotes a firm’s business. In a bid to ensure promotional campaigns for the site, the lawyer web designer must work hand-in-hand with his or her clients and also ensure to make use of social media and other internet tools to enhance successful promotional campaigns for the site.

Adhering to the industry image

Lawyer website designers must have a working knowledge and understanding of the upright and high standards of the legal profession. The website designs must have a professional tone and upholds the image of the Bar Council of Malaysia. With this in mind, they also need to have a deep industry know-how that can help their clients achieve the desired marketing goals.

Create custom websites

Lawyer web designers are responsible for supporting their clients with credible web design and internet marketing services. It is their duty to help them create unique website designs. Their custom sites should include email domain names, content management, maintenance, hosting, search engine optimization and more. Essentially, they must focus on getting their clients’ website ranked in search results.

Legal Team Profile

A great law firm web design should always showcase the legal team in the firm prominently with detailed write up and background included. Many clients would like to know the lawyer that they are working with and this section is one of the most viewed pages for a legal firm website.