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Eight Major Reasons Life Coach Websites Fail

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A s the number of life coaches in practice continues to grow sporadically year after year, the struggle for survival has become tougher.

There are several ways to ruin your online presence. Besides the failure to hire a professional life coach website designer to handle your site design, below are eight reasons why most life coach websites fail.

1. An Ugly Website

A website that is difficult to load or navigate is probably worse than having no website. It makes you look unprofessional, like an amateur and no on likes to hire a novice. It can also serve as a bad user experience and Google will ignore you for that terrible mistake. Your life coach site should be seen as a shop window.

2. Having a Free Life Coach Website

As a life coach, never design your website unless you have the necessary coding or design experience. It is like attempting to do your own hair styling yourself. You should never use a website that isn’t hosted by you. The job is meant for an expert life coach website designer.

3. No Real Call To Action

What you should be aiming at is building a relationship, not selling yourself. When people stumble on your home page, you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, because there is always a high probably that they will contact you directly at any time (and most of them do).

4. Having No ‘What’s In it For Me’?

You have less than 7 seconds to deliver that message on the homepage of your website before the exit button is hit this may mean a potential client has gone for good. Your home page makes what you do and who you help vividly clear to the public. In the simplest possible way, assume everybody coming to your life coach website is in need of help. Make your service offering blindingly obvious.

5. Having No Picture Of You

If you are apprehensive about uploading your photo (with you looking decent and welcoming because of what people may think), you are probably in the wrong business.

6. No Understanding Of SEO

SEO simply means ‘search engine optimization’: the process of making your website very appealing to search engines like Google, Bing and the others, so they can send you visitors. If you want Bing and Google to be able to locate you, then you need to understand fundamentals of SEO practice.

7. Outsourcing SEO Overseas

It is very OK and advisable to outsource SEO, nevertheless, do so diligently. Most SEO companies falsify their abilities and even adopt tactics that act contrary to google’s guidelines.

8. Having Irrelevant And Unrelated Content

If you own another business besides life coaching, it has no reason being on your coaching site, it will only puzzle people. If you have a website that isn’t in line with the coaching profession, don’t bother linking it anywhere close to your coaching site.

If you require the services of a life coach website designer to help you avoid these common mistakes contact this site: for more information.