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Lodge Website Designer

Websites are incredibly essential in the tourism and hospitality industry. Essentially, they enable people who have never visited your property to understand you and your business better.  Website owners have the challenge to not only achieve the most impressive website designs and layouts but also constantly revamp their websites depending on market trends. Lodge website design needs to provide an online experience that is similar to that of staying at the property.

Who’s your target?

This is a critical question when deciding on suitable web designs. As a lodge website owner, you want the site to portray an exceptional guest experience. Your guests expect a satisfying experience during their stay in the lodge.

The quality of their stay should matches the price charged. Irrespective of your target consumer segment, guests will typically not return if their experience does not match their expectations. In this regards, the website should be an actual representation of the nature of the accommodation the lodge provides.

It’s worth noting that the hospitality industry can be very unforgiving, and even the slightest flaws can be very costly. Before booking for accommodation, it’s essential that potential guests are fully aware of what’s premium and what is not.

Capturing your target customers

A considerable proportion of lodge guests make booking decisions based on recommendations. In this regards, your websites should promote engagement with guests. Ultimately, you want to establish personal connections with your guests. A primary advantage of lodge and boutique hotels over, say chain hotels is the ability to establish more connections more effectively. To capture the target guests, you want to consider what you aim to offer guests in person.

Your web design should match the expectations. The goal is to avoid any frustration on the part of the guests, right from when they first visit your website until they check out from your lodge. Your lodge website designs should promote a visually appealing and enjoyable experience.

Must-have elements

When it comes to lodge accommodation, there is stiff competition for a limited number of guests. Customer expectations have encouraged improvement in hotel operations across the world. More and more lodge and hotels owners are investing in modern, stunning, and more functional websites.

Some of the must-have elements for your lodge to achieve a competitive edge include:

  • Responsive

As website owner, you want to have quality web pages that “responds to” or resizes themselves depending on the type of device. Today, there has been an increased focus on more mobile friendly websites.

  • Storytelling

Storytelling is essential to give the potential guests an idea of what it is like to stay in your hotel. This can be achieved through various forms of content, including high quality images, blogs, videos, and Static page copy.

  • Ease of booking

With the majority of guests preferring to book for accommodation online, it’s critical that your website provides ease of booking. Ideally, it should be super easy for guests to view prices, availability, packages, and booking options. Ease of booking increases your conversion. The lodge website can be linked to a booking engine and payment getaway.

At The Ultimate Webmaster, we will deliver a customized lodge website that is integrated with either a stand-alone booking engine or channel manager. The channel manager can be linked to Online Travel Agencies (OTA).

  • Compelling designs

You want visually compelling designs, while at the same time not compromising on functionality.

  • User experience

Having a deep insight into your potential guests and common online activities help provide an outstanding user experience.