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Principles Of An Effective Personal Website Designer

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What determines the success or failure of a website design is its usability and utility, not just the visual design we see. The user-centric design has become a standard approach for a more successful and profit oriented personal website design since the visitor of the page is the only one who clicks on the mouse and decides everything after that.

For effective web design a personal website designer will stick to these principles including;

1. The Principle Of Test Early, Test Often

Every web design project should apply this principle, as usability often provides crucial insight into major problems and issues related to a given layout.

Testing is a repetitive process. This implies that, after you have designed a site, test it, fix it and then repeat the process of testing again.

This is crucial as there might be certain problems which were not discovered during the first process of screening, and users will be practically blocked by other problems.

2. Effective Writing Style

It is necessary to adjust your writing style to accommodate user preference and browsing habits as the web is different from print.

However, it is important to note that, exaggerated languages will be ignored, promotional writing will not be read, long text blocks with no images and keywords that are marked in italics will be skipped.

It is important to avoid marketing-induced names, cute or clever names, unfair technical names and company-specific names.

3. Strive For Simplicity

The principle of simplicity (that, is keeping it simple), should be one of the primary goals of the site’s design. Users are not on a site basically to enjoy the designs but rather, they are interested in the information despite the design.

So it is advisable to always strive for simplicity and not complexity.

4. Try to Keep User Attention Focused

Some aspects of the user interface attract attention more than others do, as websites provide both dynamic and static content.

Just as the sentences marked in bold print or in quotes are more attractive compared to those in plain text. Obviously, images are more eye-catching than the plain text.

5. Conventions Are your Friends

This principle of a convention is also useful for a practical personal website design. The conventional design of site elements does not result in a boring website. Rather, they are helpful in a way that they reduce the need to figure out how things work, which reduces the learning curve.

User confidence, trust, and reliability can be achieved through conventions allowing you to prove your credibility.

6. User Patience Should Not Be Squandered

Try to keep user requirements at a minimal level, in each project when you intend to offer your subscribers or visitors some sort of tool or service.

Don’t force users into sharing private data, but let them explore the site and discover your services.

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