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5 Elements Of Product Website Design And Trends To Watch

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Every year, new styles and elements in website design emerge, and some of these elements when used appropriately help to tell stories and details about your company. Another thing about these elements is that they work to improve the way content is view on a specific device. Although it’s not compulsory to include every trend that you see on your website, because, many of them have the ability to affect your user’s experience.

Product website designers have so many options to choose from; it can be difficult to determine which designs are worth considering. To ease your decision-making process, here are five important elements of product website design that you can include to improve the performance of your website.

5 Product Website Design Elements and Trends:

1) Unique and Large Typography

Many companies have a particular typography or font which they use to help customers differentiate their products from competitors. In recent years, product website designers have gotten a wide range of fonts to make a choice from, which makes it easier for brands to showcase themselves more through typography accurately.

Typography usually uses design trend on the website to lead users to various parts of the page. Irrespective of what you choose, ensure that your product website designer deems it necessary for it to apply to all computers and browsers.

2) Large and Responsive Hero images mainly focus on the image with text, and it builds a strong visual experience which encourages the user to scroll down to read more. Large images can also help you tell your story with visuals without having to rely on text.

Website visitors should be able to look at different product images and get the same experience regardless of the device they are viewing it from.

3) Giant Product Images

In recent years, a lot of websites are beginning to display huge product images on their sites to showcase the various parts and features of their product to viewers/visitors. These images are utilized because they help product website designers to highlight more additional in-depth product images and features in an effective and efficient way.

Large product images also assist viewers in examining the different product features by conveying the message to them through images.

4) Background Videos

Background videos are made to capture the interest of visitor’s right from the moment they click on your page. The videos help tell your visitors key points about your product rather than text. They can also be used to tell a story and help in minimizing the amount of other content needed to explain your business.

5) Short Product or Feature Videos

Just like background videos, many companies are starting to use feature video or short product to showcase a specific use case. Short videos are ideal for bringing your solution to life; they give a quick understanding without overwhelming your visitor with long boring experience which they must sit through.