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For a resort or hotel owner/manager, the importance of understanding consumer behavior cannot be overstated. In this regards, it’s essential that you understand why a tourist chooses a particular destination or resort, and the critical factors that influence his/her decision for traveling.

So what are fundamental factors affecting tourist behavior?

Geographical Factors

These include geographical and climatic conditions, amenities, and facilities available at the destination. Geographical factors immensely influence the decision making of the modern tourist and traveler. For tourism businesses such as resorts, it’s essential that they provide accurate and valuable information regarding the geographical factors. A resort or hotel website should give an accurate representation of what guests should expect while staying at the property.

Social factors

The major social factor is a tourist’s social network which provides essential firsthand information. Ultimately, such information can influence an individual’s decision with regards whether to visit or not to visit a particular destination.  Also, the more educated the traveler or tourist is, the better the choices, curiosity, and knowledge regarding accommodation and destination. When designing a resort website, it’s essential that the ‘call to action’ doesn’t look too sales oriented.

Purpose-driven Travel is an emerging trend in 2019. More and more travelers are making mindful decisions regarding where and how they travel. It’s thus critical that tourism websites positively portray brands. As a business owner or manager in the industry, you want to achieve a brand that aligns with the personal values of the intended audience.

Today, recommendations and reviews significantly influence consumer behavior. As a resort owner, you thus want a website that enhances engagement with your target audience. In the hospitality industry, you are as good as guests think you are. An often ignored part of providing an excellent guest experience is having an impeccable website that is tailored to the exact needs of the customer.

Tourism destination

It goes without saying that the actual destination is a critical factor when it comes to tourist behavior. In this regards, it’s essential that tourism businesses such as resorts, homestay, hostels, and lodges provide necessary provisions, including water, electricity, amenities, clean surroundings, and proper accessibility.

 For such businesses, having a proper website helps portray their significance and why tourists should consider the destination. The websites should have high quality images that drive traffic and conversions. Also, it increases the number of people who share them on social media pages.


Technology has, to a large extent, influenced consumer behavior in the hospitality industry. For example, a majority of guests today prefer an accommodation provider that has a booking technology available that enables guests to book directly. This eliminates the hassle of having to physically visit the property to complete the booking.

The Ultimate Webmaster creates stunning resort websites that can be linked to a booking engine and payment getaway. Also, we can integrate the website to a third party Property Management System(PMS). Such a system enables owners and managers to streamline administrative tasks. As an accommodation property owner, you want to actively increase your direct bookings.

Looking for a resort website designer in Malaysia? Our web design company will help you achieve a functional and innovative website makes your guests’ first experience with your brand a positive one. Get in touch here for a customized package.