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Revamping and Redesigning Your Website

Why It Makes Sense To Redesign And Revamp Your Website

The website you have for your business or to promote your profession is the number one reason why you must consider changing the look and feel of your design.

Let’s look at a common sense approach that will compel you to budget a change and get the process going.

It is Just Time For A Change

How often do we want a change in our own life? There are times when it is just necessary. Is the website looking dated? Then it will look the same to those who look you up. You need to wake it up and get rid of the tired look. It can be overwhelming, but there are vendors who do this all the time, and a good web site designer and have a few suggestions to you that are creative and will spark you to finally get this done. Websites need to fresh, current and user friendly.

Keep It Mobile User Friendly

How many times have you seen your website on the desktop and then go to your phone and find it almost not friendly to view? With so many mobile phones and tablets in use, your website must beat the need to be able to be viewed on any peripheral. Using a design that is responsible to your audience, you will so traffic increase as well as grab new audience. Having the website deploy a design that is responsible and revamping a user-friendly environment on all devices will pay off.

Does Your Website Design Feature Use of Social Media

Be sure that your redesign includes all links to social media. This is the name of the game when it comes to cross marketing, Get with the program and feature your links using the handy icons. This gives the ability of your readers to share, pin or tweet the content. This is another reason to use a revamp and redesign. It will pay off and make it user friendly. If you are not on social media, sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumbler. Many of the applications cross-pollinate to other media or there are programs that will post to all of them.

Do You Need Rebranding?

Suppose your business has advanced to another level and you rebranded? Then you have no choice but to undergo a redesign of the website. This is more than colors and a new company logo, but includes relevant content. Stale content is a kiss of death to traffic. Keep it fresh and compelling.

Consider Adding A New Function

Adding a blog to your website is a good vehicle to add interest or a forum regarding the subject matter. You don’t want a new feature to be tacked on making it look out of place. You want the website to be user friendly, attractive in content and have the whole design flow.

Your website design and its functionality speaks volumes. Keep it fresh, relevant, interesting and user friendly. This is why revamping and redesign is crucial.

Search Engine Optimization

Last but not least, having built a great website is just the first step. You will need traffic to visit your site, which you can then convert into customers or clients so that you get a ROI from your investment to re-build or re-vamp your website. We offer a complete SEO service to help you accomplish this goal.

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