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Revamping & Redesigning Website Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are situated just off the coast of France mainly in the Bay of St Malo. Channel Islands consist of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, and Herm. The Islands are self-governing in all aspects, apart from defense and foreign affairs that are under the jurisdiction of the UK government. The Channel Islands boast a long and colorful history and have been inhabited for more than 5,000 years.


Jersey is the biggest Channel Island and is just about 87 miles south of the United Kingdom. Jersey is considered the southernmost island of the British Isles. It is only about 14 miles offshore of France. Jersey is a popular tourist destination, with the long beaches and mild climate attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Looking to visit the Channel Islands? The islands enjoy a prime location and are a short hop away from Britain and mainland Europe. The Channel Islands are ideal year-round destinations with exquisite coastlines and shaded lanes. A lot of visitors are attracted by the perfect weather, with the region having mild winters, warm summers, and long hours of sunshine. The region serves as an exciting getaway where visitors can immerse themselves in local history and culture.

All the islands enjoy modern broadband speeds. As a result, Channel Islands has impressive internet penetration. This has increased business opportunities in the region. There are hundreds of investment companies based in the Channel Islands. In recent years, there have been increased opportunities relating to web design and revamping services for financial services businesses such as fund houses, the insurance sector, and fiduciary companies.

Is a website revamp necessary?

How bad could your site be to require another revamp? Some business owners tend to hold onto their websites for a bit too long without doing any revamping. Consequently, this gives an impression of lack of reinvention in business. As much as a website may be technically solid and working, it may be outdated and thus requiring a revamp inorder to tap into a new audience.

It’s worth noting that digital marketing is continually evolving, thus the need to cross-check your website against a checklist regularly. This makes sure that you on top of your game, and stay ahead of your competition. It goes without saying that having an outdated website seriously undermines your company’s trust. If you are not sure about whether to do a website revamping, we have detailed a list of reason why website revamping is necessary right now. It’s a checklist to make sure your site is contemporary and up to date.

Mobile responsiveness

In 2018, as much as 52% of traffic came through mobile phones. In this regards, there is a need for website owners to ensure that their sites are compatible with mobile devices. The importance of ease of use and seamless navigation across all devices cannot be overstated.

Response time

Website revamping is an excellent way to check and improve on your website’s response time. Having an appealing and impressive website is not enough if your web pages take ages to load. Ultimately, slow response time is a severe blow to your leads and customers. It’s a costly mistake for many website owners.

Complaints from users

Online users may sometimes encounter different issues while browsing through your website. The customer service team comes in handy when identifying any major complaints from your clients and users. Subsequently, website owners should hire web professionals who will look into the complaints and revamp the website accordingly.

Some of the common issues include:

  • Not able to access a website on some devices
  • Slow webpages and response time
  • Can’t find crucial information about your business
  • Unable to complete online purchases

Maximize your online potential

As a business, the importance of maximizing your online potential cannot be overstated. Through web revamping, webmasters can utilize the power of the internet, so it works in your favor. Through having a deep insight into your business, customers, and business objectives, the webmaster comes up with a tailored website that meets your needs and requirements.


It’s normal for businesses not just in the Channel Islands, but globally to advance to another level and rebrand after a couple of years. A crucial part of the rebranding is website or revamping. It entails not only new colors and company logo, but also adding relevant content. Whether you overhaul your content or polish up and update existing content, it’s imperative that your content is fresh and compelling. Also, web revamping is an excellent chance to consider adding a new function.

Hiring the right web design company

Suitable web revamping professionals should effectively harness the power of the web by creating websites that attract more of the right customers. At The Ultimate Webmaster, we identify where we can add maximum value by creating a website that relays the right message and drive growth.

Looking for web revamping or related services in the Channel Islands? The Ultimate Webmaster is the web design company of choice for cutting edge web solutions that are tailored to catapult you ahead of the competition. As a company operating in a competitive market, you want your investment in digital marketing and web presence to pay off in increased sales and enhanced industrial image. When it comes to web revamping, our commitment to the highest level of ongoing maintenance and services is unmatched.

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