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Revamping & Redesigning Website Estonia

The Republic of Estonia compromises of a mainland and 2,222 islands in the Baltic Sea.   The tiny former Soviet republic has been consistently described as the most advanced digital society globally. When it comes to using Technology to make life easy, affordable and fun, Estonia is way ahead of the curve.

For a small country with just over 1.3 million inhabitants, Estonia occupies a formidable position on the global stage. The high-tech digital society has attracted the attention of global brands and venture capitalists.  With an impressive digital penetration, most everyday tasks in Estonia are done digitally. Consequently, public services are carried out efficiently and smoothly and this has been a model for many other countries globally. Economy

Estonia is a developed nation with an advanced, high-income economy. The country boasts one of the fastest growing economies globally. Estonia is unmatched in terms of economic freedom, press freedom, and education. Additionally, the country has a very high Human Development Index.  

Estonians enjoy universal health care and free education, besides having the longest paid maternity leave. It’s worth noting that Estonia has been gradually building its information society since the 90s. In this regards, it has taken great courage and effort by the government, private sector, and the general public to take the digital economy route.


In just within 2 decades, Estonia has immensely transformed to become one of the most technologically advanced nations globally. Today, the country is commonly referred to as “e-Estonia”. Estonians enjoy super-fast broadband speeds.

When it comes to web design trends, consumers today care a lot about user experience. There is an increasing priority for web designs that prioritize fast loading times, high search engine rank and appealing simple designs.

Staying updated on emerging web trends is an absolute necessity for business owners that want to stay ahead of the curve. Year in year out, there are a lot of changes in terms of customer expectations, Google algorithm updates, and best practices. In this regards, website owners need to regularly revamp and redesign their sites.

That being said, a website that looks appealing and modern today could look outdated in just a few months. Therefore, your web professional of choice should reliably identify distinguish important trends from passing fads. This is very essential whether you are revamping your website or designing it from scratch.

Mobile first

The importance of having a mobile friendly site cannot be overstated. This trend has been fundamental during the last couple of years and is projected to become even more essential with increased mobile penetration. Since 2015, mobile searches have been significantly more than desktop searches.

It’s for this reason that Google tends to prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-optimized site is a make-or-break factor if you want to achieve the right amount of traffic. Today, mobile users want the utmost user experience across all devices. The visual result should be consistent.


More and more website owners globally are integrating chatbots and machine learning in their sites. This is increasingly becoming a useful trend in order to stay ahead of the curve. Chatbots is an excellent strategy to enhance customer service upfront. With the advancement in digital technology, modern chatbots can effectively interact with users on your behalf. Also, Chatbots help gather crucial data for your sales team.


When it comes to web design, minimalism is all about simplicity.  Now more than ever, it’s prudent to have fewer interface design elements in your website. The modern internet user typically has insufficient time to process info. Consequently, redundancy is likely to hurt your website performance.

During website design or revamping, you should aim to help users digest information in the shortest time possible, thus the need for utmost simplicity. Suitable websites should not only have fewer elements, but also clear typography and contrast. Ultimately, you want to have high page conversions.

Dynamic scrolling

Suitable websites should make it obvious that there is more for the user to view below the edge of the screen. A major emerging trend is using graphical elements that encourage users to scroll down.

For example, some web designers use diagonal graphics that entice the viewer to scroll downward. As a result, the user ends up exploring and spending more time in your site and this minimizes your bounce rate. It goes without saying that your target audience will be more willing to scroll if your webpage is engaging and topnotch quality.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an excellent tool that is making waves in content marketing. Website owners can take advantage of various content marketing tools available in order to attract online traffic and keep your target audience engaged. Suitable content should be both valuable and relevant. It’s worth noting that many website owners have not realized the power of content marketing in generating more leads and sales.

Looking for a web design or revamping services in Estonia? We can help you implement some of these trends in your site, depending on your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today for a customized package.

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