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Revamping & Redesigning Website Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic island nation with a small population of about 348,580 inhabitants. It’s notably one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. In 2018, the UN Human Development Index ranked Iceland as the sixth most developed country globally.

Iceland’s economy

In recent years, Iceland has achieved impressive growth and low unemployment. The economy has been gradually diversifying into manufacturing and service industries. Today, Iceland is a hotbed of foreign investment. Iceland boasts one of the most extensive welfare systems globally.

ICT infrastructure

In spite of its small size, Iceland has a developed a modern and large-scale infrastructure for ICT. Consequently, the country has managed to consistently meet the technological requirements of businesses. Also, investors benefit from low corporate tax and highly skilled IT labour.

 Iceland’s IT infrastructure has fuelled research and innovation.  It’s worth noting that the country has a very small population, thus the need for flexibility and willingness to adopt emerging technologies. Iceland has an enviable talent for innovation. Iceland is one of the most digital competitive countries in the world. With an impressive economic freedom score of 77.1, Iceland is one of the freest economies based on the 2019 index.

In today’s digital world, having a well-designed website is likely to form a lasting first impression for your potential customers. While website revamping requires a lot of time and resources, it provides a lot of potential benefits for website owners. Website revamping doesn’t necessarily mean doing an overhaul of your entire website.

More often than not, web design projects entail making small changes and functional modifications in order to enhance the overall performance of your website. 

So what are some of the instance when a website revamp is necessary? Let’s dive into that:

Your website is not Search Engine Optimized

The primary purpose of a website is to provide visibility for your business such that your potential customers can easily find you. Having an optimized site makes it easy for the search engine to index your website. Consequently, you generate a lot of traffic from consumers who are looking for your product or service.

The website doesn’t reflect your brand

The importance of having a solid brand cannot be overstated. Having a strong brand builds trust and consumers tend to buy from companies that they trust. It’s essential that your website positions your company as a reputable brand in your prospective industry. If your website doesn’t reflect your brand, then it might be time to revamp it.

Your website doesn’t segment your target market

Segmenting your market into specific consumer groups is an excellent strategy to increase your sales in both new and existing markets. It’s essential that your web design or revamping takes into consideration your target market. Market segmentation entails understanding the psychology of your consumers and grouping them based on common characteristics.

Your website should ideally be part of a highly highly-focused campaign geared towards your target market. More often than not, consumers are looking for a specific product and service from your company. In this regards, your website should be effectively direct them to the segmented goal.

Lack of enough engagement with the target audience

It goes without saying that a website is a powerful tool to enable optimal engagement with your audience. Upon identifying your target audience, it’s imperative to find ways to engage with them. Hiring the right web professionals can help determine the best channels to enhance interaction with both past and potential customers.             In case your website designs do not suit your audience’s tendencies, then it might be time for a revamp.

Landing pages not optimized for conversions

The primary purpose of a landing page is to maximize conversions. Ultimately, you want to convert as much web traffic as possible into a customer. In this regards, the landing page must have the most effective designs tactics in order to promptly grab the user’s attention and keep them scrolling. During website revamping, you can implement elements such as videos and clear Call-to-Action button. This can boost your conversions by a huge margin.

Websites not optimized for mobile

Many business websites today are not optimized for mobile. As a result, they lose out on a lot of web traffic, especially considering more than half of web searches are from mobile devices. Implementing effective mobile optimization tactics can skyrocket your conversions.

Website not secure enough

With cyber-attacks getting increasingly worse, updating site security is very essential during the revamping project. Along with taking care of your website appearance and overall performance, it’s also important to ensure utmost cybersecurity. This protects both your company and clients. Every business or organization, regardless of its size, it’s vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity ensures critical information is protected. After updating the website security, it’s essential to train your employees on ways to ensure company data is secure. As a business owner, you don’t want crucial business information being in the wrong hands.

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