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Revamping & Redesigning Website Indonesia

Indonesia is notably the world’s largest island country and has more than 17000 islands. It is the 4th most populous nation globally. Java, the world’s most populous island is home to more than half of Indonesian’s 261 million inhabitants. Indonesia has abundant bewitching attractions, besides a high level of biodiversity. Indonesia has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Indonesia is a newly industrialized country. It is the 16th largest economy globally in terms of nominal GDP.


With more and more companies venturing into Indonesia, the country is gradually becoming a global economic power. Indonesia is a prospective hotbed for international business investment. It’s worth noting that the country has averaged annual growth of 5% during the last decade. This is set to even increase as a result of upgrades to infrastructure that will certainly encourage foreign investment.

4 Key Reasons to Invest In Indonesia

Looking to invest in Indonesia? It’s important that business owners build a good network in Indonesian business and government circles. This helps to start and expand your business at a faster rate.

The Southeast Asian economy is booming, with countries such as Indonesia experiencing stable exponential growth during the last couple of years. Indonesia has been consistently identified as a viable investment destination

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries globally

This provides a huge consumer market for a comprehensive range of businesses. Additionally, there is abundant youthful and highly educated human capital for businesses wishing to invest in the country.

With more population growth expected during the next few years, there will be more opportunities available for potential and existing investors. More and more businesses are capitalizing on Indonesia’s ideal demographics

Economic stability

Indonesia has enjoyed economic stability in recent years, making it a hotbed for local and foreign investments alike. The Indonesia government has played a critical role in implementing relevant measures to enhance its economic potential, besides changing various regulations in order to achieve a more conducive business environment.

A growing middle class

Southeast Asia tropical paradise has a significantly growing middle class. It goes without saying that this is a major advantage for business owners looking to invest in Indonesia. The country notably hosts the 4 the largest middle-classes globally. Consequently, there has been a consistent increase in the demand for a comprehensive range of products and services that are particularly consumed by middle-class.

Digital penetration

It goes without saying a viable investment destination should provide a big market network, thus making it easy to gain and retain customers. Indonesia has one of the largest numbers of internet users all around the world. Consequently, businesses have access to an exponential number of online customers. The role of tech-savvy millennial citizens in the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia cannot be overstated.

The need for website revamping

For business owners in Indonesia, an essential part of marketing strategy includes having quality and updated websites that help you stand out in the market. In this regards, it’s imperative for business owners to revamp their websites, making sure they are modern looking and generating leads. When it comes to website revamping, these are some of the goals that business owners should seek to achieve:

Search Engine Optimization

When revamping your websites, your webmaster should ensure the site is fully optimized and Search Engine (SEF). To stay ahead of the curve in competitive markets such as Indonesia, you need to ensure your site is friendly to all search engines. Also, your webmaster can include an Analytics feature so that managers and business owners can easily measure website performance.


During website revamping, your site should be well crafted to achieve an excellent viewing experience. Internet users want highly responsive websites that enable easy reading and navigation across different devices.

Mobile-friendly Website

 When you hire the right web design company for your website revamping, the professionals will ensure the site is highly compatible with the latest mobile technologies.

Today, a huge proportion of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Consequently, not having a mobile-friendly leads to fewer leads and ultimately affects your revenue. It’s critical that the user experience is consistent over different devices.

Customized Web Design

For optimal results, the website revamping project should be based on your specific goals. Therefore, website owners should hire professionals that can deliver a custom look that will make you stand out. Whether for a local business or e-commerce site, custom web design and revamping ultimately enhances your credibility and conversions.

High quality and more compelling content

Your website revamping project should include a better content strategy. Having quality content not only enhances your SEO but also helps in attracting and retaining more customers. When it comes to your website content, it’s always wise to focus on being informative and providing more value to the target audience. It’s essential that the content is compelling and engaging.

Better brand reputation and awareness

It goes without saying that a website is a powerful tool to increase your brand. Many consumers today judge companies based on their websites. In this regards, your website revamping project should be tailored to your brand goals and objectives. Ultimately, you want the customers to have a good opinion about your website.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an excellent strategy that entails coming up with valuable, relevant and compelling information that will grab the attention of your target customers, eventually getting them to know about your product or service. Website revamping can include utilizing content marketing as a tool to attract more online traffic and increase value to your target audience.

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