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Revamping & Redesigning Website Israel

Israel is situated on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv is the Western Asian country’s economic and technological center. On the other hand, Jerusalem serves as its seat of government and is the proclaimed capital.

Economic and technological advancement

When it comes to economic and industrial development, Israel is considered the most advanced country in Southwest Asia and the Middle.  Israel offers a very conducive investment environment. Evidently, the country has the second-largest number of startup companies globally, only after the US.

Over the years, Israel has developed cutting-edge technologies in software and telecommunications that have helped transform its industries. The Israeli government has invested a lot of funding to develop solutions for ICT capabilities.

Spirited efforts by both the government and the private sector have transformed Israel into an ICT hub. It’s a lucrative destination for developers in software, electro-optics, hardware design, and internet technologies. Investments in digital penetration, especially with regards to higher speed internet and Broadband is projected to further boost Israel’s position as a top investment destination.

Essential tips when revamping your website

With a business, your website is essential your first impression and is this the influence that gives the most profound effect. In the digital age that we are today, consumers visit websites to get an insight into your business and the products and services that you can provide.

In this regards, it’s very essential to keep your website up-to-date, and regular web revamping is an excellent way to do it. Let’s dive deep into some essential tips when you are revamping your website.

Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly site is no longer an option; it’s an absolute necessity if you want your website to stay competitive. Your users should be able to effectively visit your site across different devices with utmost ease and user experience.

The main benefits of having a mobile friendly site include:

  • Wider reach in terms of the desired target audience
  • It enhances your brands and creates a good reputation to your customers
  • Gives the impression that you are a modern and relevant company.
  • Helps realize the full potential of your website


Having a secure website protects both your company and consumers. It’s one of the primary reasons for updating your website. Unsecured websites are vulnerable to activities such as hacking. Updating your security features during website revamping enhances the trust between your business and clients. Internet users generally prefer visiting sites that are less prone to attacks.

Update Themes

Updating your themes is one of the most fundamental steps of website revamping

As the digital world is constantly evolving, your potential customer’s interests are also changing. Having a modern and highly functional theme helps to stand out from the crowd.

As a website owner, it’s imperative to keep researching new trends and themes that will transform your designs and instantly grab the attention of your customers. Suitable themes should be tailored to your industry and the types of customers you wish to target.

Visual elements

Posting compelling visuals can have an immediate effect on your website performance. However, you should avoid stock images as they make your website look generic. Original images that are relevant to your services are always a plus. Suitable visual elements should enhance your brand and make it unique. It’s worth noting that not every image is going to fit with the intended message for your target audience.


When designing or redesigning your website, navigation is critical. When your audience visits your site, they should promptly know the core pages they can visit. Having a disorganized or confusing navigation interface turns away a huge proportion of your audience. One other hand, good navigation reduces your bounce rate.

Add customer reviews

During website revamping, you can effectively give your website some flare by including some customer reviews. Adding customer reviews increases social proof and promotes a sense of trust in your brand. Customer reviews and testimonials are an excellent way to impress your visitors.

Making your website more link-able

A lot of website owners are updating their websites to make specific web pages more link-able. This is especially important in very competitive niches. In some instances, there is abundant traffic available if you can get the specific web pages to rank. Common strategies to make pages more link-able include using info-graphic or adding an interactive piece.

Updating your keywords

It goes without that keywords are fundamental for any website strategy. With the right keywords, you are more likely to rank higher in search engines. Ultimately, using the right keywords enhances your website’s visibility. During website revamping, you should update keywords based on your target audience.

Through checking your keyword performance, web professionals are able to make informed decisions regarding the best keywords to use and the ones to avoid. Some tools are available to help compare your keywords with those of your competitors.

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