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Revamping & Redesigning Website Latvia

Latvia is a Northern European country that is highly regarded as one of the Baltic States. It is notably the middle of the 3 Baltic States. Latvia is a relatively tiny country with about 1,957,200 inhabitants. Browsing is rapid in Latvia, with the country beating most of the countries globally with regards to internet speeds.

Riga is the capital city of Latvia. Sometimes described as the ‘’Paris of the North’’, Riga is home to nearly a third of Latvia’s inhabitants. When it comes to economic freedom, Latvia’s score is 70.4 as from the 2019 index. Consequently, the country has the 35th freest economy globally. The country’s overall economic freedom score is above both the regional and world averages.

The major drivers of the Latvian economy include agriculture, chemicals, and logistics. However, High-tech electronics and information technologies are projected to immensely enhance the Latvian economy during the next decade. Established and modern infrastructure, especially in logistics and communications, has contributed to a healthy business environment.

A fundamental factor in the Latvian economy growth stimulus has been an increase in both domestic and foreign investments. Today, it’s one of the fastest growing economies among the Baltics nations.  Latvia offers abundant opportunists, especially in sectors such as energy, forestry, woodworking equipment, transportation, and agricultural products.

Actionable Web Revamping Tips

With business websites and internet technologies rapidly changing by the day, there is more need to constantly revamp websites and adopt emerging technologies and tools. It goes without saying that your website design and its functionality speak volumes about your brand and business in general.  It’s thus critical to keep it fresh, relevant, interesting and user-friendly.  Let’s explore some essential tips you should keep in mind when revamping your website.

Focus on user experience

During website redesign or revamping, one important question is how you can enhance user experience in order to optimize your conversions. Your revamped website should make it clear to the target audience where they should click to find essential information that they seek.

Suitable themes and layouts should be based on user feedback rather than personal preference or that of your colleagues. As a powerful tool for growth, your websites should promptly grab the attention of the visitor and provide easy navigation to the different webpages.

Analytics and site audit

These are essential tools in understanding the market needs and specific customer expectations. As a website owner, it’s essential to determine whey users come to your site. Also, you should constantly analyze the performance of different web pages. Consequently, you can make more informed decisions during the website revamping project.

Website audits and analytics are fundamental for nearly all, if not all steps of a website revamping project. They reveal what devices and browsers your audience typically uses. As a result, you can make sure all the bases are adequately taken care of.


A common mistake during many website revamping projects is concentrating a lot of energy on the aesthetic aspects of design such as imagery, fonts, colors and animations, while neglecting basic functionality.

Suitable websites should have utmost functionality that is geared towards enhancing positive experiences for your visitors. Ultimately, such a site is likely to convert visitors to customers. Also, it helps create brand supporters that will recommend your company to even more potential customers.


It’s essential that all relevant information is organized in an effective way. Also, useful infographics such as diagrams and charts are always a plus. Website content should be aimed at providing more value to your target audience and increasing your leads. 

Through information architecture, your webmaster is able to organize content in a way that it’s easy to comprehend. It’s essential that you incorporate structural diagrams that provide a high-level overview of your website’s components.

As a website owner, it’s imperative to consider content marketing as part of your marketing plan. In that case, you need to create valuable and relevant information that is tailored to your potential customers. Content marketing is an excellent strategy to increase sales and attract the right customers in a cost-effective way.

.Inclusion: Ensuring all users are covered

One of the most fundamental objectives of website revamping is ensuring all users are covered. In today’s competitive and very dynamic digital world, it’s no longer prudent but a necessity to ensure your site works perfectly across all types of devices.

During website revamping, your web professionals should preview your site on different devices and browsers. The user experience should be consistent across different browsers, screen sizes, and devices

Integration with digital marketing tools

Digital marketing is one of the effective ways to retain existing customers and attract new customers. It’s cost-effective and especially useful for very competitive markets. Through website revamping, you can integrate some digital marketing tools in order to enhance communication and ultimately increase your sales.

Incorporating visuals

Using high quality visual content including video, top notch photos, and graphic illustrations helps enhance engagement with the modern customers. It’s a dynamic way to quickly boost your website performance.

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