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Revamping & Redesigning Website Qatar

Qatar is an Arab emirate located on a peninsula on the southern coast of the Gulf.

As of 2017, Qatar had over 2.6 million people, with at least 2.3 million of them being expatriates. Qatar has the highest per capita income globally. It is a high-income economy, which is not a surprise considering it boasts the world’s third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector

It’s worth noting that Qatar has a very vibrant ICT sector that is poised for strong growth in the coming years. Qatar’s ICT infrastructure has transformed it into one of the most connected cities globally.

Technological advancement has enhanced the value of Qatari information technology and telecom companies and their ecosystem. This has led to more growth in the national economy. Over the years, Qatar has hosted many global technology events. This has provided an excellent platform to push its digital transformation, besides strategic networking opportunities with innovation leaders.

The advancement in technology has opened up new opportunities for businesses globally. Countries such as Qatar are adapting and integrating cutting-edge technologies to drive sustainable growth.

Why invest in Qatar

Qatar has a unique and conducive investment environment that has been promoted by its attractive investment legislation and investment incentives. Also, Qatar’s social and political stability, besides its strategic geographical location has further elevated its status as a top investment decision.

Over the years, the Qatar government has adopted relevant economic policies designed to boost both local and foreign investment. Qatar boasts one of the most developed infrastructures, not only in the Middle East but globally.

With increased digital penetration, website revamping is becoming more important for business owners in order to stay competitive. In a rapidly changing digital world, there is a need for business owners to constantly upgrade their websites in order to take advantage of new technology.

No matter what your business size or industry is, it’s crucial that you take a strategic approach to your website revamping and redesign. These are some of the actionable practices with regards to revamping your website:

Personalize your site

Personalizing your website as part of the website revamping is an excellent solution to show off your brand’s personality. As a business owner, it’s always imperative to discover better ways to communicate with your target audience. When it comes to personalizing websites, many brands use colours, fonts, and imagery that reflect the brand’s identity. Having consistency in copy writing helps your audience to recognize your brand immediately.

Creating new landing pages to convert more users

Adding new landing pages is an excellent strategy to increase your website’s conversion. During website revamping, you can add relevant landing pages, while focusing each page on converting your target audience on a specific offer. After the redesign, you can adjust the landing pages based on website optimization reports that help determine user behavior.

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly

Transforming your site into a mobile-first machine provides many benefits for business owners. Today, a huge proportion of consumers search for content on mobile devices, thus the need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

A crucial part of website revamping is ensuring your website looks stunning on any size device. If your website is not mobile friendly, you end up alienating many visitors, thus losing a lot to your competitors. As a website owner, you want the best mobile experience for your visitors.

Improved content plan

A major aspect of website revamping is revisiting your content. It’s always prudent to survey customers in order to know the type of content they need. Additionally, you can gather valuable user data from analytics.

When it comes to website content, business owners should aim to tell the story about your products and services in the most compelling way possible. It’s important that your content enhances your brand and makes you stand out from your competitors. Ultimately, your website redesign should complement your website content and display it effectively.

Usability testing

During the website revamping process, you should take into consideration how easy it is for online visitors to navigate and engage with your site. For example, your content should be simple and compelling enough for the average internet user to understand. Also, the site should provide easy access across different browsers and devices.

Usability testing also entails checking how fast your site loads and whether your website provides the right user experience. All the internal and external links should work properly in order to enhance performance. Before launching a website revamping project, it’s imperative to test your website for both browser compatibility and device compatibility.

Maintaining brand consistency

Website redesign or revamping process should not change the core identity of your brand. Also, it’s important that there is consistency in message across all channels and marketing collateral. Consequently, your business is easily recognizable across different marketing channels.

Brand consistency enhances customer trust, besides helping you stand out among competitors. During the website revamping, your web design company of choice should ensure that logos, fonts, color schemes, and imagery, among other major aspects, are consistency. For optimal results, your brand value should be fully communicated.

Building a blog

Content marketing has been found to be one of the best solutions to drive website traffic. More and more website owners are adding blogs with quality content that will meet the target audience’s expectations. Your blog should be regularly updated, and include topics that help solve problems to attract traffic and social shares.

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