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Revamping & Redesigning Website Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia holds 25% share of the total Arab GDP, which shows its economic power. The kingdom is strategically located, which provides easy and convenient access to Europe, Asia and Africa. Saudi Arabia has a rapidly expanding domestic market, especially considering its annual population growth of 3.5%.

Why invest in Saudi Arabia?

Today, Saudi Arabia is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment globally. The Saudi government has made great strides in opening the kingdom to more foreign investments. In the coming years, foreign investments are projected to overhaul Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Saudi Arabia has a huge population of 33.6 million as at 2018. Its consumer base is primarily made up of a young and consuming population with solid buying power. Its modern word-class infrastructure has significantly promoted Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has an impressive record of political and economic stability. Saudi Arabia notably links three major continents, thus providing a central focal point for global investors. A lot of investors moving into Saudi Arabia are attracted by the advanced banking system with solid regulations.

Technological advancements

It’s worth noting that investors in different industries care a lot about technological modernization. With more and more global brand interested in investing in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government is very committed to achieve the benefits from technology.

The government has established various cutting-edge technological hubs. As a result, the possibilities for innovative companies in different sectors of Saudi Arabia’s economy can only get better. Great websites not only have a strong design but are also content-driven.

Revamping a websites to meet your business needs: Mistakes to avoid

More often than not, website redesign and revamping are driven by a wide range of business objectives. Website revamping is a critical part of marketing today. It goes without saying that the technology, trends and user expectations are constantly changing. Through website revamping, website owners are able to effectively keep pace with the changes.

As much as website revamping provides many potential benefits for your website, there are many risks involved. It’s essential that you are aware of several things that can potentially go wrong during the process. Some of these mistakes not only hurt your visibility, but can result to penalties, especially when they are SEO-related.

Copying your competitors’ sites

While you can study some of the strategies that might be working for your competitors, it’s imperative not to create a replica of their website. Your websites should be a unique representation of your brand. In this regards, your website revamping should entail your own strategy, content and designs. As a business owner, you should aim to achieve your own brand reputation.

Outdated content

When it comes to website content, your audiences care a lot about relevance and value. Website revamping should include weeding out of any irrelevant or outdated information. This helps to maintain credibility while providing utmost value for your existing and prospective customers.

Broken links

Having broken links does a lot of harm to your website, especially with regards to increasing your bounce rate. During website revamping, the hired professionals should test your website and ensure all links are working with zero error. More often than not, landing on a 404 page, leads to the online visitor immediately abandoning your website.

Not doing a complete function check

During and after a revamping process, it’s critical to thoroughly test everything to make sure the site functions properly. In this regards, you want a webmaster that will pay close attention to detail.

Poor Mobile Site Experience

With majority of internet users today browsing using their handheld devices, it makes sense to ensure your website is mobile friendly. A client’s impression of your website is majorly depends on what it looks like from their smartphones. Majority of consumers are constantly on their smartphones, with minimal desktop use.

Weak SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization can be a make-or-break factor, especially if your business is website based. Having a deep insight into SEO is critical if you want to realize the full potential of your website. Neglecting SEO during website redesign or revamping leads to less organic traffic, and ultimately less visibility due to low ranking in Google search results.

When it comes to SEO, you should avoid unethical or outdated practices. Also, it’s important that your SEO practices adhere to Google guidelines.

Using unsecure Hosting (HTTPS)

Bad website security is detrimental to your overall website performance. It’s worth noting that Google removes websites from the index in case of hacking incidents. The importance of using secured hosting cannot be overstated. It not only protects your customers but also your business.

Website revamping with goals

Your website revamping project should be tailored to your specific business objectives. Before you start designing, it’s important to identify what you want to get rid of in your old website and aspects that you intend to retain.

More often than not, website revamping is meant to generate sales leads. In this regards, your website content and user experience should align with your conversion path. Before launching the website revamping project, you should identify key elements that will help achieve your goals.

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