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Revamping & Redesigning Website Sweden

Sweden is situated in northern Europe between Finland and Norway. Over the years, the Scandinavian country has transformed itself from a welfare state to a very competitive economy in northern Europe. Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and is notably the cultural hub of Nordic countries. The capital is a fundamental eastern seaport that links the mainland with nearby islands.

Today, Swedes enjoy an advanced welfare system, high living standards, besides a very low unemployment rate. Also, it’s worth noting that Sweden boasts one of the highest life expectancy in the world.

Sweden has enjoyed a very long peace stretch.  The country has not gone to war in over two centuries. Today, Sweden enjoys utmost neutrality and isolation both economically and geographically.


Sweden occupies a formidable position as one of the most highly developed post-industrial societies globally. The country has one of the wealthiest economies in the world.  The Swedish government provides families with children from ages of two to six a place in a public modern child-care facility.

Sweden’s unemployment is low and this has made the economy even stronger. The “the Swedish model” is characterized by a solid and consistent Public-private partnership. IKEA, one of Sweden’s most dominant companies is globally known for its topnotch furniture and accessory designs.

Sweden has a unique culture that has preserved its fundamental values for decades, while at the same time finding inspiration in the neighboring European cultures including Germany, England, and France.

Swedish model

The country’s policy of peace and non-aggression has to a significant extent fuelled its economy over the past century.  Sweden’s fiscal discipline and skilled labor force have helped the country to survive past economic crises. The country is a major player in international trade

. Major exports include automobiles, furniture, and textiles. Primary natural resources in Sweden consist of hydropower, timber and iron ore. Sweden has a very vibrant private sector that contributes as much as 90% of the industrial output, The World Bank considers Sweden as a very investor-friendly economy. The country ranks impressively high when it comes to the ease of doing business.

Its industrial power is undisputed, with some of the well-known global brands including IKEA, Volvo, Saab, Scania, and Electrolux.  Stockholm is the technology hub of Sweden, with as much as 18 percent of the city’s workforce working in technology related roles. Majority of the largest tech companies in Europe are based in Sweden.


Financial technology or Fintech is an emerging sector that is slowly revolutionizing the global tech scene. Sweden-based Fintech companies have attracted substantial investment during the past decade. It’s worth noting that Sweden ranks highly with regards to average internet speeds, and is only bettered by Norway and South Korea.

Majority of Swedes enjoy access to super-fast fiber-optic broadband. The rollout of this fiber-optic infrastructure has further fuelled foreign investment into the country. It this digital era, web design is essential for clients of all sizes in both profit and non-profit industries.

Web Design for Fintech

Digital banking, online trading apps and e-mallets are some of the primary terms that fall under the umbrella of fintech. In many countries, fintech has revolutionized the workings of financial institutions. With very positive growth projections, the role of fintech in the next decade cannot be overstated.

 Increased digital penetration has completely changed the way consumers perform their day-to-day transactions. This upsurge has especially been promoted by the increased user of mobile devices such as smartphones.  Fintech can be a challenging and unglamorous to design for.

More often than not, project requirements are meticulously detailed and full of industry jargon. In this regards, you want a web professional that will achieve a perfect balance between effortless usability and ensuring utmost security to protect both the user and the company.

Future proof solutions

Factoring in the future is critical when designing any type of website or platform. This is especially important in fintech, considering the industry is in a consistent state of flux. Countries such as Sweden are in the midst of a digital revolution in different sectors and are thus rapidly modernizing spaces.

When it comes to financial institutions, their market strategies today have been primarily shaped by new technology. As a web design in fintech, you want to leave ample room for future changes.

Ease of use

This is a make-or-break factor in fintecth. While it’s important to ensure an inherent appeal and utmost usability of the site, it’s equally if not more important that this doesn’t make it easy for users to make mistakes with their money. For fintech, it’s absolutely necessary to provide responsive feedback to the user.

Keep it simple

It’s essential that fintech apps are not only simple but also do not overwhelm users with data or numbers. Users want an extremely simple experience in terms of task flows and page layouts. Also, the content display should be topnotch. The most successful fintech platforms have transformed complex financial data into graphs, charts and other infographics that are easy to comprehend.

 It’s worth noting that many people are still not very comfortable with the use of emerging technology where money is involved.  There is thus the need to make sure Fintech app websites are kept simple, besides the education of users.

Industrial regulations

It goes without saying that financial regulatory laws can get very complicated for the relevant parties. That being said, it’s critical for web professionals to stay up to date on the regulations that influence the experience you are designing. In this regards, the web design project should also factor in potential future changes in the regulations. 

Looking for a web design company in Sweden?

It’s worth noting that there are many agencies in the market that specialize in different programs and industries. When choosing the right company, it’s essential to go through client reviews, testimonials past honors of potential agencies. The ultimate webmaster is the company of choice for topnotch web solutions that are tailored to specific industries.

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