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Revamping & Redesigning Website Switzerland

Switzerland enjoys a strategic geographical position in central Europe and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The country has one of the highest per capita GDP globally. Being a neutral state, its political stability has significantly contributed to its economic development.

Approximately 74% of the Swiss GDP is generated by the service sector. The country boasts a highly skilled labor force. The service sector contributes significantly to the Swiss and generates as much as 74% of its GDP. Switzerland also has a vibrant manufacturing industry that specializes in high-technology, besides knowledge-based production.

Switzerland has a highly competitive environment, with over 99% of Swiss firms being small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The European Union is Switzerland’s primary trading partner. The country notably has the lowest rate of value-added tax in Europe. It has one of the best unemployment rates at 3.1 %.

Switzerland has benefited from massive foreign investment majorly fuelled by consistent economic and political stability. It has one of the most transparent legal systems in the world. A modern and exceptional infrastructure has enabled trade.

The Need For Website Revamping

In competitive markets such as Switzerland, it’s critical for business owners to regularly revamp or redesign their websites. This is a necessity if they wish to remain competitive in today’s very dynamic digital world.

To enhance performance

It’s worth noting that the benchmark for a successful site primarily depends on the nature of your business. For example, e-commerce Companies are mainly interested in using the website increasing online sales. On the other hand, a service business might measure customer information collected from an online registration form.

A suitable website should help in achieving business objectives. Also, it should enable business owners to integrate applications that automate essential administrative tasks. Some business owners also want a website that will boost brand engagement. And if it’s not effectively doing any of this, why not revamp it?

Making it more modern

Your website is essential to the face of your organization online. In this regards, having many aspects of an outdated website to a large extent reflects poorly on your business. Website revamping should include enhancing your website to give it a fresh and contemporary look.

Ultimately, this quickly grabs the attention of your potential customers when they visit your site and creates an excellent first impression. As a website owner, you want the latest web designs that appeal to the modern visitor.

Responsiveness and Mobile-friendly

One of the most fundamental steps of any web revamping project is making the website more mobile friendly. It goes without saying that consumers access the web through various devices such as tablets, Smartphones, and tablets. It’s critical that your site is responsive and provides utmost user experience across all these devices.

Today, more than 1/3 of web traffic is from mobile devices.  Consequently, having a mobile-friendly is not just a matter of being prudent, but is an absolute necessity if you want your website to stay competitive in the modern digital world. 

Maintenance and updates

Owning a website is not just about building your site and completely forgetting about it. On the contrary, it comes with certain responsibilities. Most successful websites are regularly maintained and updated. This ensures proper functionality.


It’s essential that your website appears higher in search engine rankings. With no visibility, your websites essential serves no purpose. Search Engine Optimization as part of your web revamping project can provide huge benefits for your website and business. Web professionals such as The Ultimate Webmaster are able to increase web traffic and search engine, no matter the nature of your business or industry.

Enhancing your brand

It’s worth noting that your brand consists of many elements including logo, font styles, color palette, supporting graphics, among others. Website revamping should include the creation of a visual identity that embodies your brand. Also, you can include social media channels in the website in order to enhance engagement.

Website revamping is an excellent chance to polish up your website style guide. The primary goal is to ensure consistency with the design of other channels such as Facebook page, emails, display ads, newsletters, among others.

As a website owner, it’s essential that you think critically about how you want your brand to be perceived. Ultimately, successful web revamping should make your brand more appealing to customers.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the proportion of users that leave the website, from the same page they entered the site, without browsing through any other pages. Having a high bounce rate is a red flag and could mean that you need to revamp your website. In this regards, it’s essential that website owners regularly analyze their current bounce rate.

Conversion Rate

Your website is a powerful tool to achieve more leads and increase overall sales.

More often than not, a business owner may notice that the company is getting fewer sales through the website. Having a great site means constantly ensuring your customers’ needs are being taken care of.

A low conversion rate essentially means that most of your website visitors are switching to your competing websites. In this regards, web revamping is necessary if you want to win back some of the web traffic from your competitors.

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