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Revamping & Redesigning Website Thailand

When Is Website Revamping Necessary?

Thailand borders Myanmar (formerly Burma) to the north and west, Laos to the north and east, Malaysia to the south and Cambodia to the southeast. Thailand’s maritime boundaries include Vietnam to the southeast and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to the southwest.

It’s the world’s 20th most populous nation, with more than 67 million inhabitants.

Bangkok is the most visited city, based on Global Destinations Cities Index. Besides being the capital city of the great nation, Bangkok is the largest city and hosts one-tenth of the entire population of Thailand.  

Besides being the country’s capital, Bangkok is also the primary finance and commerce hub. With its strategic position and easy accessibility from other countries, Bangkok is the first stop for businesses wishing to invest in Thailand. The World Economic Forum ranks Thailand as one of the friendliest country globally. With at least 35,000 temples, the country is truly a land of temples.


Northern Thailand comprises of the mountainous area of the Thai highlands. Southern Thailand is the narrow Kra Isthmus that widens into the Malay Peninsula. Thailand has a remarkable 1,430 islands, with Koh Phi Phi being the most famous. The country has abundant animals. Samut Prakan is the nerve centre of tourism in Thailand.

It’s worth noting that about a tenth all of the animal species on the planet have their habitat in Thailand, with a tenth of them being bird species. The country actually has more birds than America and Europe combined. Thailand has more than 5,000 elephants, with more than half of them being domesticated. Thailand is a melting pot of many diverse cultures. Each region has its own unique historical background and culture.

The country has a thriving tourism sector, especially considering it’s one of the most visited countries globally, based on figures from the World Tourism Organisation. With great cuisines, tropical climate, remarkable culture, majestic mountains, and stunning beaches, Thailand is a magnet for travelers from all regions across the world.  Many businesses in the industry have invested in well-crafted websites in order to sell more holidays and tours.


Thailand is notably a newly industrialized country. The country’s economy is heavily export-dependent, with exports accounting for at least two-thirds of its GDP. Thailand serves as an economic anchor of its developing neighboring countries. IMF projects the country’s economy to grow at a moderate pace during the next couple of years.

When it comes to foreign relations, Thailand’s regional co-operation has been constantly progressing with regards to economic, trade, banking, political, and cultural matters.  Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered a newly industrialized nation. It’s notably the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia, only behind Indonesia.

Thailand is the 4rth richest nation in the region in terms of GDP per capita.  During the last couple of decades, Thailand has made taken impressive strides in social and economic development. Thailand notably rose from a low-income nation to an upper-income nation in less than a generation.

Today, Thailand’s economy primarily depends on tourism, besides international export of machinery, electronics, and automotive parts. It’s worth noting that Thailand is the third-largest seafood exporter globally.  The Thai government has focused on attracting more foreign direct investment in order to occupy an even more formidable position in world trade.

Doing business in Thailand: What is it like?

Thailand’s business-friendly policies and government initiatives have made the country an attractive investment destination for foreign investors and multinational corporations (MNCs). Thailand’s population of 69 million people provides the much-needed consumer market for a comprehensive range of businesses.

Thailand remains one of the most dynamic economies in Southeast Asia. When it comes to the Ease of Doing Business ranking, Thailand scored an impressive 78.45 in 2018, thus earning it a place in the top 30 of 190 economies. The government consistent effort to enhance the regulatory environment and business incentives cannot be overstated.

 During the last couple of years, the government has made ambitious efforts to increase e-commerce and the use of digital payments. Consequently, there is a need for web design companies that can help businesses in Thailand to keep up with the increasing competition. The business world now revolves around the internet. It is thus critical that you have a modern looking business website that is tailored to the needs and requirements of your customers.

The growth of e-commerce had helped many companies to diversify from the traditional brick-and-mortar retail.  As a result, online and off-line retail are becoming increasingly intertwined. It’s thus a necessity for business owners to have topnotch websites that can help achieve a competitive edge.

The demographic, social and technological forces redefining Thailand’s consumer market offers huge opportunities for businesses. However, it also comes with a fair share of competitive challenges. It goes without saying that every start-up or company needs an impeccable website in order to stay ahead of the competition. Working with professional website designers is an excellent strategy to increase leads and income flow.

So when is web revamping necessary?

Your website is, without doubt, the public face of your business. In this regard, it’s imperative for business owners to ensure their site keeps up with ever-changing trends. Your potential customers are likely to click away if your website does not meet their desires.

Redesigning your website can be one of the wisest decision business owners can make. Having a topnotch website not only helps you achieve more leads but ultimately leaves your existing customer more satisfied.

Non-responsive or non-friendly websites

Today, more than 50% of internet searches are on mobile devices. Evidently, the world has gone mobile, and thus the need for businesses to have optimized websites. Non-responsive and non-friendly websites require revamping, otherwise, you risk losing out a lot of traffic and leads to your competitors. The importance of having good user experience cannot be overstated.

Loading speed

The average internet user is very impatient and expects a site to load within 2 seconds maximum. Having a slow website not only drives your potential customers but also affects your search engine ranking. Having a fast loading website is one of the most essential steps to enhance user experience.

Improving Google rankings

It goes without saying that a website is of no use without any traffic. In case your organic search engine rankings are low, then it might be time for a website revamping. The right webmaster should help identify practical and customized strategies to ensure your website is ranking well.

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