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Revamping & Redesigning Website Vietnam

Vietnam borders China to the north, Laos, and Cambodia to the west.  The Southeastern country is officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula. With more than 94 million inhabitants, it is one of the most populous countries globally. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh City being the nation’s largest city and primary financial hub.


Northern Vietnam boasts some of the most impressive views of Vietnam, besides hosting the capital city. Both local and foreign tourists flock the region to visit indigenous hill peoples.  Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital is also a popular tourist destination. TripAdvisor has consistently ranked Hanoi as among the world’s top 10 destinations.

On the other hand, the country’s central highlands have unique forest-covered hills that host various wildlife including elephants. Additionally, southern Vietnam covers the lush and little-visited Mekong Delta, the rice basket of the country. Vietnam boasts a uniquely high level of biodiversity, especially due to its location inside the Indomalayan realm.

The country is home to about 16% of the world’s species. Major popular destinations in Vietnam include the Hạ Long Bay and Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, which are World Natural Heritage Sites. Additionally, the country has many unique biosphere reserves including Cần Giờ Mangrove Forest, the Red River Delta, Cát Tiên and Cu Lao Cham Marine Park.

Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing tourist destinations during the last decade. It is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the highest number in Southern Asia.

When it comes to marketing tourist destinations, use of multi-channel online marketing to reach potential visitors has completely changed the game. The main channels include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid advertising in different search engines, and social media.

It’s worth noting that websites are a good representation of a destination. Both the government and private businesses in Vietnam have invested in quality and well-functioning websites that help market the country as an ideal tourist destination. Revamping of tourism and travel websites is essential in order to keep up with the changing trends in the industry.  


Bloomberg has identified Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeastern Asia. Vietnam is a major exporter of agricultural products. The country is the world’s largest producer of both cashew nut and black pepper.  Additionally, Vietnam is the second-largest rice exporter in the world, only second to Thailand.

Southern Vietnam is the economic engine of Vietnam. The region is built around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest and most populous city. Vietnam has experienced consistent growth since the 1990s. The country continues to offer a lot of potential for foreign investors.

More and more multinationals are moving into Vietnam to diversify their operations away from other regions. Vietnam has established solid diplomatic relations with many countries across the world. In recent years, its economic growth rate has been among the highest globally.

Doing business in Vietnam

During the last decade, Vietnam’s economy has been expanding at an impressive rate.

Goldman Sachs has projected that the Vietnamese economy will become the 21st-largest globally by 2025.  Tourism contributes immensely to the country’s economy, with millions if foreign visitors flocking the country every year.

Many investors, especially from EU nations have entered into the burgeoning market. The most lucrative sectors include Industry, construction, and services. It’s worth noting that Vietnamese very open and optimistic about foreign investments.  The country understands the need for more integration in international markets. Their unique culture is very evident, with most of the people keen to retain the local customs and heritage, even in a rapidly developing and outward-looking society.

Large multinational firms operating in Vietnam have encouraged a more diverse and competitive business environment. In this regards, there is a need for companies to adopt new cutting-edge technology in order to stay ahead of the curve.  If you are looking to invest in Vietnam, you can take advantage of the huge workforce available.

Vietnam boasts a huge population of a very young and increasingly educated population. This makes it an even more lucrative business destination. The Vietnamese government has taken major steps to further encourage foreign investments. This includes amending the relevant legislation. For example, a recently passed law seeks to harmonize investment and licensing procedures for domestic and foreign businesses alike.

Consequently, there are fewer barriers for foreign investors wishing to successfully set up and manage a business in Vietnam. The country has been consistently improving in The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey Ranking. Vietnam has the fastest-growing middle and affluent class in the region. The mostly young consumers provide the right demographics for growth and receptivity to foreign brands.

Advancement in technology and need for website revamping

Vietnam has a rapidly improving IT and communications sector. The government has done a lot in terms of fostering innovation in the business sector. Analysts have consistently identified the tech sector as the linchpin of Vietnam’s economic growth. Having an impeccable website is critical if you’re looking to achieve sales from your website, especially in competitive markets such as Vietnam.

 It’s essential that business owners understand that their website is more than a firm’s pretty face on the internet. In this regards, your website should contain all valuable company information and details, while ensuring the content is not only compelling but gives a positive impression to your customers.

If you have an existing website, web revamping is an excellent strategy to ensure your site is a sales generating machine. Most businesses are dynamic, thus always evolving and growing, thus the need to regularly update and enhance your website. Website revamping ensures your website is the ultimate representation of your enterprise. Having an outdated website risks your market credibility, and ultimately makes you lose out clients to your competitors.  

As a business owner, it’s imperative to hire the right webmasters who can competently take care of the smallest details in web design and revamping. Consequently, you can focus on the rest of your business operations. Your webmaster of choice should not just identify problems in your website but recommend constructive changes that will ultimately help in the health and success of your business

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