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Effective Landing Pages for Tourism Websites

The internet has revolutionized hospitality and tourism during the last decade. Advancement in technology has helped smoothen operations and made the traveling process more enjoyable and convenient. Today, a customer’s first experience with your tourism business is most likely a visit to your website.

More and more visitors are checking pictures and reviews from past guests. As a business owner in the tourism industry, it’s crucial to utilize the latest web design solutions that help convenience your customers. This is especially important in highly competitive markets. Suitable websites should effectively utilize online advertising, blogs, social media, and online purchasing and booking.

Travel and tourism is a huge industry and thus a lot of competition. As a business owner, you want to achieve a solid brand that is unique from other businesses offering similar products and services. Having a killer landing page is one of the effective digital marketing technique to keep your tourism website soaring those of your competition.

More often than not, a landing page is used to lead users to complete a specific action. The profound reasons for having a landing page include;

  • -converting leads to customers
  • -Enhancing Search Engine Optimization
  • -Gathering user data
  • -Brand awareness
  • – Enhances credibility

It’s worth noting that the conversion rates of landing pages for tourism sites can be very high compared to most industries. So how do you design or redesign a new landing page to attract and convert tourists and travelers? Let’s dive into that!

Simple design

Simplicity is key when it comes to landing pages. The primary goal should be to entice the online visitors to complete a particular action. The intended action should be easy to comprehend and complete. Possible distractions that may prevent the visitors from completing the intended action should be eliminated. Landing pages are unique to other web pages, and shouldn’t have a navigation bar, side menu, or footer. The content should be very compelling and focused on the call to action.

Optimization for search engines

A landing page is of no use if it’s not visible to the intended audience. In this regards, your tourism website designer should optimize the landing page for search engines. When a potential customer is looking for flights, accommodation, or guided tours, they should easily find your site.

As with other web pages, the landing pages should have optimized content. Also, you should utilize keywords that potential customers search for. Landing pages that rank high in search engine searches generate high traffic and ultimately guarantee more conversions.

Create a time-sensitive call-to-action

Suitable landing pages should promptly grab the attention of the visitor. Ultimately, they should feel like they will get the best value and deals from your site. Having a call-to-action that is time sensitive makes the reward even more satisfying. The landing pages can thus have a countdown timer for a particular sale. Also, offering a limited quantity for a sale is an excellent way to entice customers.

Increase bookings

When it comes to tourism websites, the primary goal of landing pages should be to increase bookings.  Besides the landing pages, your booking engine is at the forefront of your business. For our hotel websites, The Ultimate Webmaster effectively integrates the sites with either a stand-alone booking engine or a channel manager. The channel manager can be subsequently linked with an Online Travel Agency (OTA).

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