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Importance Of Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Is Important As Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Firstly, after watching the video above, I would like to ask:

“Did the video capture your attention with its creative animation, while at the same time deliver the message across in a fun way?”

I’m guessing the answer to that is a unequivocal “YES!” 70%-80% of the time.

In this digital marketing age, video marketing is the now and the future. has over a billion users every single day, third in ranking after and respectively. Can you imagine that?

The current top 8 websites with the most views looks like this:

  1. – Search Engine
  2. – Social Network
  3. – Video Sharing
  4. – Search Engine
  5. – Portal
  6. – Reference Encyclopedias
  7. – Shopping
  8. – Social Network

Look at that list again. A lot has been said about Search Engine Optimization and about Social Media Marketing out there. Now we are going to talk about Video Marketing and also our 3D Logo Animation package.

Before we continue, I want to you to look back and reflect at your company’s marketing mix. Is Video Marketing part that? Then I want you to look at the fact that has had the 3rd most traffic on the whole universe of world wide web currently, generating over hundreds of millions of hours of videos and generating billions of views, each day! Additionally, the number of hours people are watching videos on is growing 50% each year.

This is the future. The future is now. Our web development strategy primarily uses the search engine to target at your customers and additionally also uses video as another marketing channel in our overall marketing strategy. By 2017, Cisco said that video alone will contribute to 69% of all consumer traffic and video-on-demand traffic will have tripled.

A quick search online will net you a whole lot of facts of the rise in consumers using videos as a means to fulfill their quest for information.

Let’s look at some of the facts concerning video marketing and its sources:

1) –  says that including a video in your email to your customers can increase click-through-rate by 96%.

2) – says that customers were less likely to opt-out of your marketing email due to the video content.

3) – says that 70% of the top listing will consist of videos.

4) – says that Stacks & Stacks customers who viewed video were 144% more likely to “Add To Cart” on their website.

5) – says that their conversion had increased by 44% after adding product videos.

6) Forbes Insight reported that 59%  senior executives prefers to watch videos than read lengthy text.

And on and on and on… the conclusion one can draw from this is: Video Marketing is vital to a business’s marketing strategy. At The Ultimate Webmaster Malaysia, we understand the importance if this and we have included it in two of our website packages.

So the next question is: Are you currently already using or planning to use video marketing to grow your business? Or are you planning to be left in the dust by your smarter and more agile competitors? Small and medium businesses that ignore video marketing will be doing so at their own peril. Furthermore, you can enhance your video with beautiful effects, animation and also 3D Logo Animation. Once we have all that in place, we can then use SEO techniques to rank your website at strategic locations on the search engine such as

From product or service videos, corporate profile videos, or even regular entertaining videos that engages your user attention, your business can benefit from having a video marketing campaign that sends traffics to your website. Users will subsequently spend more time on your website, hence indirectly spending more time with your brand and increases familiarity. People like to buy from people they know and are familiar with. By creating interesting videos and content, your users will then be able to share it on their own circle of influence – i.e social media such as Facebook and Twitter which will drive even more traffic to your websites or online shop.

It is a no brainier why small and medium sized businesses needs to use video as part of their marketing mix in growing their businesses. These videos can be arranged in a variety of interesting portfolio layout creatively and inserted into several areas to send your message across more powerfully.

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