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Social Proof: The Key to More Effective Websites 

Ampang is a historical town whose area whose area occupies both the states of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. It is located to the east of the KL city centre. Ampang has a number of large artificial lakes because it was historically a tin mining town. Being a heavily populated suburb, a comprehensive range of amenities is available. There is plenty to choose from in terms of shopping, food, bars, and schools.

The area hosts many embassies and is thus frequented by many diplomats and expatriates. For art lovers, The National Art Gallery displays a huge variety of creative and contemporary art pieces and sculptures. Istana Budaya, Malaysia’s Cultural Centre is situated just next to the National Art Gallery. Both locals and nonlocals flock the cultural centre to watch theatres and performances.  The National Zoo of Malaysia, located a few minutes away from Ampang, is one of the best attractions in Ampang. Ampang is mostly dominated by Malays.

There is a huge variety of Malay dishes and also Indo-Malay cuisines to choose from for food enthusiasts. Popular food districts in Ampang include Bukit Antarabangasa, Taman Dagang, Taman Muhibbah and Lembah Kerama. Ampang boasts plenty of foreign and local restaurants.

Ampang has many shopping complexes including Ampang Point, MidPoint, Paragon, Pandan Kapital, Spectrum Mall Ampang, Galaxy Ampang, and Ampang Tesco, among others. A lot of businesses have invested in well-crafted websites in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Ampang Recreational Forest is an exclusive recreational park that is a perfect spot to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of KL. The park has a small and shallow river with cool waters.

Since Ampang is effectively a suburb of KL, it benefits from the massive infrastructure in the region. The area is easily accessible via a series of modern highways.

Strategically located just outside the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle area, Ampang is an essential commercial and entertainment section of KL. Since some parts of Ampang are within the adjoining Selangor State, the town has a significant impact on the state’s economy. It is worth noting that Ampang hosts very many Koreans; no wonder a large number of Korean restaurants and provision stores in the area. With its rapidly growing economic growth, Ampang offers abundant investment opportunities for new and existing investors alike.

The basis of social proof in web design is that most internet users want evidence that other consumers have purchased a product or service offered by a particular business. When it comes to digital marketing, recommendations can be a make or break factor. Due to the bandwagon effect, consumers tend to purchase a product which other people are already purchasing. Social proof is an excellent way to increase your website’s conversions by showing your visitors how popular a product or service is.

There are a huge variety of social proofing techniques available today. This includes customer testimonials, quantifiable data (e.g. number of downloads or sales), customer lists, and reviews. Whichever the form of social proof used, the goal should be to enhance your conversion, besides building trust and conveying value to your customers.

Case studies are one of the most powerful and timeless social proofs that business owners can integrate into their websites. This entails including a quick feature story of how your clients discovered your products and why they prefer your product. Also, your customers can talk about how your product positively impacted them. Case studies are an excellent way to connect with your target market with a story that relates to them.

Media mentions and news features are also very effective social proof tools. It is an excellent way to leverage your business success and turn it into a powerful social proof.  In case your business has not been previously featured in the media; you can invest in content creation or PR campaigns. This builds the credibility and position of your business as a formidable player in the market.

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