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Pros and Cons of Ecommerce

Batu Pahat is termed as the “Shopping Paradise of Northern Johor”. The vibrant town is situated on the southwest coast of Johor in a district that bears its name. Batu Pahat has experienced development during the last few years. This can mainly be attributed to the massive influx of shoppers from neighboring townships and states.

The area also hosts a considerable number of shoppers originating from overseas.  True to its “Shopping Paradise” name, Batu Pahat boasts a myriad of shopping malls and hypermarkets. Most of the residents in Batu Pahat are Ethnic Chinese and Malays. The town is a popular spot for locals in Malaysia.

Batu Pahat Mall is notably the oldest and largest shopping hub in Batu Pahat. It hosts over 260 retail stores, thus offering plenty of choices for shopping enthusiasts. You can buy a comprehensive range of items from affordable goods to premium brands. Batu Pahat offers tons of attractions, be it the shopping malls, beaches, or forests.

World Batu Pahat Village Resort is ideal for family outings. Also, you will certainly be amazed by Wet World Glow Park, one of a kind Glow Park that displays million colorful lights in unique installations. Old Street Batu Pahat is ideal for sightseeing, especially on weekends.

Batu Pahat offers massive potential for E-commerce. Improved internet connectivity and powerful digital tools have created a powerful commerce arena-Ecommerce. By 2020, Global E-commerce sales are projected to reach a record $4.058 trillion. It is the fastest growing retail market.

E-commerce has especially been driven by the expanding market and influence of mobile devices such as smartphones. Also, millennials are more willing to make purchases online. According to BrandonGaille, Millennials aged 18-34 make the most online shopping.

Pros of E-commerce

E-commerce explosive growth during the last decade can be attributed to a number of reasons. With increased global internet penetration, more and more businesses are starting to leverage the many benefits of E-commerce. These include:

Minimal Costs

One of the primary benefits of E-commerce is minimal running costs. The only major costs involved are for warehousing and product storage. For small E-commerce businesses, you hardly need to hire any sales staff. As an E-commerce vendor, there is no need to maintain a physical storefront.

When it comes to drop shipping businesses, you require significantly lower upfront investment requirements. As a result of saving on operational costs, merchants are able to offer better deals and discounts to consumers.

Global Reach

E-commerce is an effective way to tap into a global market, as opposed to having a physical store where you are limited to a specific geographical area. With an E-commerce business, you have the whole world to serve. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of businesses have ventured into trading online.

Target Marketing

When it comes to E-commerce, business owners have access to plenty of customer data. Also, you can easily analyze customer buying habits in order to make more informed decisions. E-commerce businesses are able to develop tailored marketing efforts depending on their target market. It is also imperative for the business owners to constantly study the emerging industry trends

Buying/Selling 24/7

E-commerce businesses benefit from having round-the-clock operations. With the websites running all the time, merchants are able to increase the number of orders. On the other hand, customers also benefit from utmost convenience, since the store is “always open”. Cons

It goes without saying that E-commerce isn’t perfect. In spite of the many benefits of E-commerce to companies and customers, there have been some notable challenges along the way:

Product quality

More often than not, there is no guarantee of product quality. Customers may thus be disappointed in the products and services they purchase online.


E-commerce websites are prone to attacks from hackers. This can compromise the E-commerce site, service, payment gateways, and other aspects of the businesses.

Customer Loyalty Is Always On Check

E-commerce is all online. Consequently, there is minimal chance of direct interactions between the customer and company. Also, it’s worth noting that customers can’t touch or try a product before making the purchase. As a business, you want to establish a genuine connection with your customers in order to attract them back, which can be hard for E-commerce.

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