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Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary For Your Business

Bintulu is a small town situated in the southern Malaysian state of Sarawak. The coastal city Local government authorities including the Sarawak Tourism Board and Bintulu Development Authority have initiated various initiatives geared toward making Bintulu a major tourist destination. With the town hosting a number of energy-intensive industries, Bintulu is a booming industrial town in Malaysia.

The town’s port area situated to the east of the main town notably hosts Petronas Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Complex. It is the world’s largest liquefied natural gas production facility. The town hosts a number of offshore natural-gas fields, further boosting its economic potential.Bintulu is strategically located halfway between Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

The town is a convenient gateway to popular destinations including Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary, Longan Bunut National Park, Similajau National Park, Lambir National Park, Rejang Pelagius, and Bario highlands, among others.  Also, some visitors go on river cruises in order to better experience the sights in the coastal town. Bintulu Airport offers daily connections to major cities including Kuala Lumpur. Major airlines including Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia have operations at the airport.

Bintulu has an extensive modern infrastructure, with a modern road network linking the town to other regions. The town has one of the most efficient bus transportation systems in the region. Consequently, it is a convenient transit town for people traveling from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu. The town has plenty of excellent restaurants and accommodations, making it a worthy stopover.

Similajau National Park in Bintulu offers plenty of world-class jungle trekking trails. Visitors are always fascinated by the wide collection of beautiful flora and fauna. The national park hosts two turtle beaches and a golden sand beach. You can also embark on a sunset cruise for utmost relaxation and unwinding.  Bintulu hosts a myriad of shopping malls that serve locals and foreigners alike. Construction of the Bintulu Cement Plant has contributed to rapid industrialization in Sarawak.

In this digital era, millions of consumers spend a considerable amount of time visiting various digital platforms. More and more businesses not just in Bintulu but globally, are adopting digital marketing tools that are geared towards converting more target consumers. Billions of consumers globally are researching and buying products online, thus the need for digital marketing in order to reach consumers. Digital marketing tactics are very cost-effective. Check out these fundamental reasons why it is imperative to take advantage of digital marketing.

Connecting With Mobile Customers

Digital marketing enables business owners to effectively connect with consumers using mobile devices to browse and make online purchases. It’s worth noting that more than half of all internet users are accessing the web using mobile devices such as smartphones and tabs. According to Statista, global smartphone users are projected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019.

Enabling Your Business to Be More Competitive

Digital marketing enables small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts in the market, in spite of limited budget and resources. More and more business owners are using digital marketing tactics to expand their exposure online, at minimal costs.

Also, digital marketing enables you to market your products and services to different geographical locations, both nationally and internationally. It’s an effective marketing tool for businesses introducing new products and services into the market. All you need is a well-crafted and attractive website that offers excellent customer experience. Digital marketing offers a minimal barrier to entry.

Better Analysis of Your Strategy and Tactics

Unlike traditional marketing tactics such as TV and newspaper ads, digital marketing enables prompt analysis of results. You can easily check the results even before the digital marketing campaign ends. Consequently, business owners are able to easily and quickly adjust strategy for utmost online success. The importance of being able to view the real-time results of marketing campaigns cannot be overstated.

Majority of Your Potential Consumers Use Social Media

With the number of global social media users hitting record figures, the majority of your customers are on social media. There are now more than 3.196 billion social media users worldwide. This means that at least a third of the earth’s population are regular social media users, with Facebook and Twitter taking the biggest chunk of these users.


Digital marketing is an effective way to build your brand and customer loyalty. As a business owner, you want to create a reputation that your business is easy to engage with.

Greater conversion rates

With a well-crafted website, your online visitors will be more inclined to make purchases. Compared to traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing is seamless and immediate. Your customers only need a few clicks to purchases your products and services.

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