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The Ins and Outs of Facebook Marketing for Businesses

Cheras is a district of Kuala Lumpur situated to the South-east of the Malaysian capital. While the larger part of Cheras has a Kuala Lumpur address, parts of the district also have a Selangor address. The main suburb forms part of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. However, a portion known as Cheras, Selangor is part of the state of Selangor. Housing estates take a significant chunk of the area. Also, many mid to small business centres and shopping malls are available.

Most of the shopping malls in Cheras are intended for local residents. The newly built Cheras Sentral shopping complex sits on top of a metro rail transit station. The township is conveniently accessible by public bus. Also, some of the area is connected with STAR and KTM railway transit.

Many businesses, not just in cheras but across the world are adopting new trends in digital marketing. This is essential in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market. More than a just social media tool for online interactions between family and friends, Facebook has grown to become an important digital marketing tool. The amount of value that companies can leverage through Facebook cannot be overstated.

Facebook Reviews

Digital marketing experts highly recommend turning on your Facebook page reviews. Customer reviews are an excellent way to measure your performance. It goes without saying that every customer-centric company should care about customer reviews. Decision making relating to important aspects such as marketing should be tailored to customer reviews, whether positive or negative. Through Facebook reviews, you can refine your performance and subsequently enhance customer experience.

Another major advantage of customer reviews is that when they are positive, your business benefits from free advertising. When people see more positive reviews, they tend to trust your brand more. Customer reviews play a big part in buying decisions these days, and you can bet a good rating will be good for business.

In case there is negative feedback; it is important to make appropriate responses.  Responding to Facebook reviews are an excellent way to portray that you are committed to resolving customer’s issues. This shows that you care about the needs and satisfaction of your customer.

Visual content

To attract more Facebook audience, you should aim to show rather than tell. In this regards, utilizing visual content such as images and videos is always a plus. Facebook users tend to share more visual content compared to nonvisual content.

Adding visuals to your quality content helps increase engagement, expand your reach, and maximize your leads. Ultimately, these will translate to more sales. It is important to use top-notch visuals that are professionals and aimed at building your brand reputation. Using the wrong visuals can significantly hurt your brand.

Facebook Groups

Some businesses have created Facebook groups related to their industry or product offerings in order to attract more potential customers. Besides Facebook groups being free, they have high levels of engagement. Having an active community of potential customers talking about your business is definitely a plus. Through Facebook groups, you can also gather customer intelligence, besides facilitating conversation and queries.

Having the Right Facebook Marketing Goals

It is critical to set relevant social media goals and objectives that will aid in business growth. For example, you should not only focus on gaining more Facebook likes to your page and posts, but also try to increase the leads you’re getting. You are likely to benefit more from Facebook marketing if you align your social media goals to your overall business goals.

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