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Web Design Hulu Selangor

Features of Effective Hotel Website Design

Hulu Selangor is a Malaysia district located in the north-eastern section of the state of Selangor. The district borders the states of Pahang to the east and Perak to the north. It is nestled in between and tropical forests.  Hulu Selangor covers an area larger than the neighboring state of Melaka. It is very close to Kuala Lumpur and thus a popular getaway for city-dwellers. Kuala Kubu Bharu is the district’s principal town. Selangor River notably originates from this area.

Hulu Selangor offers pristine destinations and is dotted with waterfalls, hot springs, and green tropical forests, among other attractions. Additionally, the area hosts the second largest orchid farm in Malaysia. Hulu Selangor offers massive tourism potential.  It is a perfect getaway for those looking for peaceful and natural surroundings. Visitors can enjoy scenic valley views or adventure sports. The rivers in Hulu Selangor offer a lot of potential for eco-tourism, especially with activities such as white water rafting, jungle trekking, and river trekking.

Hula Selangor is a lucrative investment destination, especially for businesses such as guest houses and hotels. It also has homestay programmes where local and foreign tourists alike can enjoy the unique Kampung lifestyle. In the modern economy, a lot of hotels have invested in well-crafted websites to enable easy bookings for their rooms. Consequently, the hotels make money, besides expanding their brand. When it comes to hotel web design, you want conversion-centered designs that will increase your direct bookings.

Your website offers a lasting first impression for potential guests.  It’s a powerful tool to communicate your rates and availability. Also, your potential guests are able to discover available amenities that are critical to their travel experience. You can also utilize websites to promote fantastic packages that might grab the attention of your target market. This article outlines some of the essential features of hotel website designs.

Conversion Rate

This is arguably the most important metric for any website. Every hotel wants to achieve healthy margins, especially because the industry is very competitive.  In this regards, hotels should focus more on “conversion-centered design”.  As much as a good looking website is a plus for your business, it will be hardly of any use without a positive conversion rate. According to InfrontWebworks, increasing website loading speeds eliminates a possible 7% loss in conversions.

Urgency and scarcity

Psychological motivators are very effective in increasing the demand for your hotel rooms. This can entail having a message that makes your visitors understand that they have a deadline. With the right scarcity statement, you can influence to click more on your website and make bookings.

For example, you can highlight a statement such as –“only 4 rooms left!”. Your potential guests want to feel that your services are on high demand and that they are getting a good deal. Does your hotel offer promotions or special discounts? If yes, then such information should be clearly stated on your site.

Interactive Map

Having interactive online maps is a new trend that can significantly increase your online bookings. Your potential guests should easily use the maps to explore facilities such as shops, restaurants, and malls, which are within close proximity to your hotel. It is also important to include area information. This encourages online visitors to spend more time on your website.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website designs are key to the functionality and success of any type of business. Hotel websites with responsive designs are more likely to rank high on the top search engines. The website should be compatible with different types of devices. Consequently, your potential guests will find it easy to navigate your website and book a room.

Image Galleries

Most potential guests want visual proof before booking a room. Your hotel website should have an image gallery with high-resolution photos. This can be an effective way to achieve a competitive edge. Suitable web professionals should include high-resolution photographs, while at the same time maintaining a high overall site speed.

Simple Booking System

This can be a make-or-break factor. Having a long and difficult booking process is likely to drive away many potential guests. It is important to note that the average internet user is very impatient. In this regards, the importance of a simple booking process cannot be overstated.

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