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Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Kulai is surrounded by oil palm and rubber estates. Majority of the locals are actively involved in the agriculture sector. Kulai is notably one of the main producers of palm oil in Malaysia. Also, fresh vegetables from Kulai are exported to Singapore on a daily basis.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from in Kulai, from opulent luxury hotels to kitschy boutique hotels. Kulai also has plenty of housing estates.

With its fine dining and plenty of attractions to explore, Kulai is truly a memorable escape. Federal Route 1, the main road in the city, is lined with many retail shops and is popular with shopping enthusiasts. Kulai has experienced massive economic growth in recent years.

Many companies, both local and international are setting up operations in the region. The town is also strategically located within the Iskandar Development Region (IDR), thus massive investment potential. Major shopping centres in Kulai include Aeon Mall Kulaijaya, Kulai Centrepoint (Super Cowboy), Tesco Hypermarket and IOI Mall Shopping Complex (Giant) among others.

It’s worth noting that Senai Airport is within Kuali municipality. It’s a busy international airport serving the state of Johor and the surrounding regions. With advancement in technology, businesses in Kulai seem to be well-placed to tap into the digital world. The state government has played a huge role in promoting business in the area. For example, the government aims to position Kulai as a global data hub.

There is even a dedicated area in Sedenak. There are also plans to develop Kulai as Malaysia’s biotechnology and logistics hub for the southern region. Additionally, the government aims to use incentives attract more multinationals to invest in Kulai. Massive development projects in Kulai reflect the economic potential of the area as an attractive investment destination.

According to Statista, Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, making it the largest social media network. As a result, Facebook marketing can make all the difference in your business. With its large reach, Facebook is a valuable asset that business owners can’t ignore. In this regards, many businesses, not only in Kulai but all around the world, have used the powerful platform to effectively connect with both current and potential customers.

If not properly done, a Facebook marketing campaign can be costly, both in terms of time and resources. It can even hurt your brand. Whether you just got started or have experience with Facebook marketing, watch out for this common mistakes going forward.

Ignoring Conversations

It goes without saying that Facebook is a social network, thus the need for utmost interactions. In case your audience sends you a message or comment on your Facebook post, it’s important to make appropriate responses. You should try to reach out to your potential customers whenever they are interested in your product and services.

Internet users are generally impatient. Therefore, your target audience will appreciate if you make quick responses to their queries. By responding in a timely manner, you enhance positive customer interactions. On the other, ignoring your customer’s comments or queries gives the impression that you don’t value them. Consumers tend to avoid buying from such businesses. The way you respond to your customers is also important for reviews.

Not Using Facebook Ads

While you can still have success on Facebook without running ads, it may take a lot of time and effort. Consequently, many businesses have embraced paid ads in order to boost their reach. Also, it’s important to note that organic reach on Facebook is dropping, thus the need to evolve.

When it comes to paid ads, a small budget can bring in a lot of engagements and leads, especially for small businesses. However, it’s critical that you have the right content that is engaging, compelling and informative to your audience. Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful tool for all type of businesses. It enables you to achieve quality audience based on the interests, demographics and other characteristics of your potential customers.

In case you don’t have enough experience with Facebook Ads, it’s always advisable that you start with a small budget and work your way up the ladder as you improve your results.  Even though you may be happy with your organic reach, using Facebook Ads to boost sales is an excellent way to supplement your marketing effort.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

It’s imperative to do proper market research before launching your Facebook marketing campaign. You should have a deep insight into your target customers, especially in terms of who they are, what kind of problems they want to be solved, their location, interests, occupation, among other factors. With the right data, you can then target the consumers with more precision.

It’s critical for business owners to work with the right web design professionals who will help you navigate the digital landscape. Ultimately, you want a team that will make your website a successful tool to transform your business performance. The Ultimate Webmaster Malaysia is your company of choice for professional web design services in Kulai. Contact us today for a customized package.

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