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Smart and Actionable Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Muar is a historical town and the royal town of Johor, Malaysia. The vibrant town is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, especially because of its food, coffee, and historical prewar buildings. Muar is one of the cleanest cities in South East Asia. In 2017, it was notably awarded Asean Clean Tourist City Standard Award.

Muar is also popularly known as Bandar Maharani among the local residents. The town is strategically situated on the mouth of the Muar River, and about 150 km (93 miles) southeast of Kuala Lumpur. Muar is an ideal stopover for those traveling between Melaka and Johor Bahru.

The Malaysian gem also hosts Mount Ophir, a unique attraction that is visited by locals and tourists alike. The mountain has abundant waterfalls and parks on-site to explore. It is ideal for going and sightseeing. Wetex Parade, the biggest shopping mall in Muar, has plenty of retails shops. Visitors frequent the shopping malls to grab essentials and souvenirs. There are also various restaurants where you can try some mouth-watering delicacies.

A comprehensive range of businesses in competitive markets such as Muar is investing in modern websites in order to stay ahead of the curve. Using backlinks is one of the oldest and actionable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. It’s also an excellent way to enhance organic search traffic.

For many years, backlinks have been a fundamental part of how search engines, especially Google, determine how trustworthy a site is. It is critical that you have quality backlinks in order to win in the online world. It’s worth noting that only ethical backlinks are effective, thus the need to use “white hat” link building methods. Website owners should aim to earn valid links, and thus enhance their online credibility (and rankings).

As much as the following strategies are not straightforward, they are proven and tested to help your website achieve high-quality backlinks and ultimately enhance your search visibility.

Publish Unique and Original Research

Content that is made up of original research is an excellent tactic to attract high-quality backlinks. Some website owners conduct relevant surveys, analyze business data, and even produce case studies. Ultimately, their websites achieve more credibility by having original research that is only limited to their website. Also, it is highly recommended that you publish original stats and data. With such quality content, other sites tend to link back to your original and unique information.


More and more business owners are using info graphics for link building. According to QuickSprout, visualizations like info graphics are thirty times more likely to be read by website visitors, compared to text.

Info graphics are highly shareable, making them excellent for increasing traffic from social media. You can hire professional designers to create highly appealing info graphics. Infographics have much the potential to go viral which can really boost your website traffic.

Local SEO

A huge percentage of internet searches have local intent. Local SEO is an often ignored high-quality backlink sources. This entails stepping up your game in terms of boosting your local SEO efforts. For example, business owners can join relevant industry associations. This enhances the brand profile of your business.

You should also consider contesting within the industry and possibly win some awards. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you have a strong relationship with the local media.

Submit Your Blog to .Edu and .Gov Sites

Backlinks from such sites are highly ranked as authority backlinks by Google. It is thus an excellent way to rank high on Search Engine Research page. It’s always wise to ignore links that might cause trouble, and focus only on using quality backlinks.

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