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Web Design Segambut

How Web Design Affects SEO

Segambut is a parliamentary constituency in Kuala Lumpur. The suburb boasts a diverse population base. When it comes to residential neighborhoods, Segambut consists of high-end condominiums, middle-class areas, and rural areas. Segambut is served by the Segambut train station, on the KTM Komuter line. The area has attracted thousands of people looking to live and work in the thriving township.

Segambut was once a sleepy suburb. However, it has over the years developed to become a developed township of its own. The government has fuelled more growth, especially with the development of roads and projects. The high-end condominiums have changed the face of Segambut. Easier accessibility to other regions has also transformed Segambut to a sought-after neighborhood.

Away from residential developments, the area boasts of the Segambut Industrial Park, a freehold integrated business hub. This is projected to further tremendous fuel growth that is being witnessed in the region. Demographically, Segambut has impressive population growth. Complemented by rising property values, the population growth is projected to attract more investors, both local and foreign. For business owners wishing to redesign their website or create a completely new one, it is important they understand how web design ultimately influences SEO.


Web designers are required to adhere to proper coding ethics. You should minimize too much irrelevant coding as it affects your website’s rankings. Apart from the content, the coding of your site should also be optimized to improve your visibility in search engines. The code lines should be easy to read.

Social media and Apps

You should use social media to build your website traffic. In this regards, it is highly recommended that you share relevant links on different platforms. Also, web designers help integrate mobile apps for Android and iOS with the website, thus increasing the reach. With higher reach, you almost certainly will have a higher SEO rank.


As you may have heard before-content is king. The volume and quality of your content will directly affect the SEO rank of your website. However, the quality and nature of the content matter a lot, more than even the volume. Quality content examples include Relevant interviews, beautiful photography, interesting videos, online tools, surveys, and graphs, among others.

Internal Linking

Internet linking is not meant for website users alone. It is also a way to enhance your visibility in search engine searches. Internal linking ‘communicates’ to search engines that your website has high authority. With proper internal linking, your web pages will be indexed by search engines.

Domain Name

Choosing a relevant domain name is crucial in repressing your business on the internet. Also, you can utilize your domain name to place essential keywords. Your domain name should be compelling and easy to remember, and thus you should avoid lengthy domain names. Your domain name has a great impact on SEO. Therefore, you should seek professional advice in order to make an informed decision regarding your domain name.

As discussed, it is quite evident that web design has a huge impact on your SEO rankings. Choosing the right web design company ensures the project is tailored to your needs and requirements. Contact us today for web design or related services in Segambut.

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