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Emerging Web Design Trends

There are a myriad of attractions to see if you choose to travel to Seremban. The capital of Negeri Sembilan is popular for its food, shopping malls, and unique architecture. It is strategically located on the major railway line linking Kuala Lumpur and Johor Baru. Seremban hosts a number of mega malls which are frequented by locals and non-locals alike.

Palm Mall, the largest mall in the town is a favourite among many shopping enthusiasts. There are many brands and designs to choose from depending on your specific needs. Luxury shops are available for those looking for luxury goods. Seremban offers plenty of retail outlets, besides restaurants that you can have a unique dining experience.  The town is famous for its special delicacies.

Seremban Cultural Complex is a must-visit destination for tourists.  The museum is rich in the unique culture and heritage of the state of Negeri Sembilan. Visitors can also visit destinations such as the Seremban Lake Garden which is a relaxing getaway at the heart of the town. The government has established specific zones in Seremban to market locally manufactured goods such as handicrafts, antiques, fabrics, and textiles.

Seremban is the business and commercial hub for the larger Negeri Sembilan, with many residents flocking the town especially during the weekend. The town has a rapidly growing population, thus providing a ready market for a full range of businesses in the region. Also, Seremban is home to many multinationals from different countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union. This has propelled economic growth in the area.

It’s important for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in a constantly changing digital world. More and more customers are entering the digital marketplace, thus the need for enhanced user experience and better interactions. With advancement in technology, innovative companies have adopted revolutionary concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

To maintain a competitive edge, web designers such as The Ultimate Webmaster are constantly developing new and exciting solutions to bring customers and companies together.

2017 saw a major transformation in terms of internet use. Notably, mobile usage is now more popular than desktop browsing. Therefore, it’s only right that most of the trends in 2018 focus on improving mobile functionality. Also, it is critical for desktops to evolve in order to remain relevant. We have picked a variety of web design trends that will aid in transforming your website and improving your conversion.

Big, bold typography

Many website owners want well-crafted that will make their site stand out. With enhanced device resolutions, web designers are using better fonts thus top-notch typography. Any good web designers will acknowledge the importance of typography as an excellent tool that can easily create a personality, besides setting the tone on a website. You can use different typography to convey essential information. The trend of more improved typography is certain to attract more audience to your website.

Responsive Design

While this is not a new web design trend in 2018, it’s very essential to be excluded. Statistics show that to a large extent, more people prefer mobile usage compared to desktop. In this regards, you should ensure that your website works perfectly on smartphones and other mobile devices. Having a poor mobile experience is bad for SEO and will definitely affect your website traffic.  According to InfrontWebworks, 94% of internet users tend to judge websites based on the responsiveness of the web design.


When designing or redesigning websites, more web professionals are now including a little window pop up which gives you a chance to chat with a company representative. This makes it easier for customers to get responses for queries that they may have. Web professionals can program a chatbox that automatically answers the most common queries that your online audience have. Consequently, most of the visitors will get prompt answers. Such trends have a huge impact on customer experience.

Social Proof

Social proof is an excellent way to show your value to new visitors. Majority of new clients need social proof that can convince them that you have successfully dealt with other clients and fully satisfied their needs. Social proofing your website is very affordable. For a business website, you can include logos of some of your major clients, besides relevant testimonials. A study done by Nielsen, shows that 92% of consumers trust recommendations more than all other form of paid advertising. Also, it’s worth noting that 70% of people will trust an online recommendation from another consumer that they don’t even know.

If you own a blog, you can display the number of your email subscribers. This is evidence to internet users that you have social proof. As a business owner, you should work closely with your web professionals and incorporate social proof into your website design.

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