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The Pros of Using Google AdWords

Shah Alam is the capital city of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The vibrant city is located within the Petaling District, with a small part of it occupying Klang District. Shah Alam was notably the first planned city in the country after independence. Shah Alam is well connected to neighboring cities in Klang Valley through a network of modern highways.

The city is mainly made up of housing areas and commercial centres. Shah Alam boasts various shopping malls including SACC Mall, Plaza Alam Sentral, Plaza Shah Alam, Kompleks PKNS and   Anggerik Mall, among others.

The area is a favourite neighborhood for many people, especially considering the abundant recreational facilities and amenities such as banks, schools, hotels, shops, eateries, clinics, and medical centres. Also, Shah Alam hosts various large hypermarkets including Giant and Tesco Extra. The vibrant commercial areas are projected to further fuel the economy of the area.

Giant Hypermarket, one of the major hypermarkets in Malaysia, has its headquarters in Shah Alam. This is further proof of the economic potential of the city. Shah Alam is also a hub for the automotive industry. Multinationals such as PROTON, Toyota and Volvo have operations in the area. The city has a high population growth, thus offering a huge consumer market for a comprehensive range of businesses.

Many businesses not just in Malaysia, but across the world are adopting innovative digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve. One of the most fundamental ways for a local business to be visible is to rank high whenever an internet user searches Google for a product or service within their geographical location. According to WordStream, businesses typically make double their investment on Google AdWords.

Many businesses today are using Google Pay-per-click (PPC) ads to generate more traffic for their websites.  It is an effective marketing tool for those looking for quality traffic that will convert into customers. You can easily jump to the top of Google search results especially if you have the right keyword and budget. Unbounce suggests that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make purchases compared to organic visitors.

Your Google AdWords professionals should have the right expertise to ensure that you make your business ranks high on the results page. It is important that you make informed decisions; otherwise, you may end up blowing your entire marketing budget. In this article, we will discuss some of the pros of PPC ads for small businesses

Targeting Potential Customers Based on Location

When it comes to local businesses, you want to appear in search results that are only specific to your area of operations. Google AdWords is excellent for targeting potential customers that are within your geographical location.

Easy Tracking of Results

Business owners want to know all the ins and outs of how their digital marketing campaigns are performing. With Google AdWords, you can easily track click rate, ad spend and most importantly, the conversion rate on landing pages. Through the tracking analysis, you can make changes to the PPC ads in order to maximize ROI. Return on investment is a huge factor for your marketing budget, and most business owners want minimal guesswork and ambiguity.

Quick Results

As much as Google AdWords is not a silver bullet, PPC ads offer quick results, especially compared to other digital marketing tactics. The conversion process is shorter and very easy to measure. With the right expertise, products, and quality landing pages, you are certain to start getting sales.

Scheduling Ads to Reach the Audience at Specific Periods

It’s not always necessary beneficial to run ads 24/7. When it comes to Google AdWords, you can choose the exact time and day that you want your ads to go live. Your ads schedule should mainly depend on the product/service, industry niche and past data.

After running your campaign for about 3 months, you should be able to identify the specific periods that have fewer conversions or clicks. You can then adjust your ads appropriately. The goal should be to always improve your conversion rates and cost per conversion.

So are PPC ads worth it for your business? Yes, they can be very effective but the catch is that you have to use them correctly. Looking for Google AdWords professionals in Shah Alam? Contact us today for the best solutions at competitive prices.

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